IMBA Scholarship Challenge: meet the previous winners


The International MBA Scholarship Challenge 2014 at Nyenrode Business Universiteit was launched a few weeks ago to award five remarkable talents with a revolving scholarship for the full-time International MBA program, starting in October 2014.

About the IMBA Challenge

The IMBA Challenge is an online scholarship competition for talented professionals, with at least three years of work experience, who are eager to boost their personal authenticity in leadership, entrepreneurship and stewardship. Previous editions of the IMBA Challenge have gathered hundreds of candidates from all corners of the world.

Selected finalists will receive a Nyenrode business case, which they will discuss with other finalists and an online jury during the Grand Finale that will take place online on March 27th, 2014. The jury, comprised of faculty, staff and current students, will select the winners of the International MBA Scholarship Challenge 2014.

The International MBA Challenge is organized by Nyenrode and powered by IamExpat. Learn more & Register!

Experiences of previous winners

Zolboo Bataa from Mongolia and Alejandra Chaves Viquez from Costa Rica were two of the winners of last year’s competition.

 Zolboo Bataa | Mongolia

"Getting an MBA was always my ultimate goal as far as academic qualifications were concerned," Zolboo says. "I looked at different options on the internet and came upon Nyenrode. In my internet search, Nyenrode came out as a very attractive option."

He continues, "Before I started my MBA, I had eight years experience in finance and about a year and a half in sales. That was my background. I had a position just below management level. My ambition was always to go to the next level, to become a manager. Right now, I am in the process of starting a business in online advertisement and e-commerce in Mongolia."

 Alejandra Chaves Viquez | Costa Rica

Alejandra says, "I had worked as a journalist and a communications specialist for the past six or seven years. First at a university channel, then in a communications office and later in an international organization related to agriculture.

"When I was doing my Bachelor in Marketing and Communications, I came up with a business idea. I got the idea to start my own company, a gym for obese people, and therefore I decided to do an MBA. I heard about Nyenrode from an alumn from my country and about the challenge. I had always wanted to study abroad."

Demonstrate your good idea

Both Zolboo and Alejandra were nervous before the pitch. "Some of the other participants were really great. A few of them already had their Masters, and I thought: 'What am I doing here?' When I was told that I was next, my nervousness disappeared and I felt really comfortable," said Alejandra.

Previous IMBA Winners:
Alejandra Chaves Viquez & Zolboo Bataa

"At the end of the challenge I felt really good about myself. Just participating made me gain a lot of confidence about myself. When I heard that I had won, I felt even better."

Zolboo adds, "I have never won anything in my life, like a lottery, so I do not believe in luck. I gave it a go to see what would happen. I tried to prepare the last parts of the challenge as much as I could. I felt very nervous too.

"For me it was the other way around than with Alejandra. To see the other candidates helped me gain more confidence. I saw what I could do better."

Participate and prove yourself

Are you thinking of getting your MBA and are you willing to compete for the chance to be rewarded with a scholarship?

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About Nyenrode International MBA

Nyenrode International MBA is a one-year journey of personal and professional development that allows talents to discover their innate skills as a leader and an entrepreneur.

During this journey, you will challenge and be challenged by executives from international corporations, top-notch professors and like-minded talents.

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