Nyenrode Business Game: The path to win a scholarship

Nyenrode Business Game: The path to win a scholarship


Nyenrode Business Universiteit is constantly interacting with the most remarkable global talents via different events, activities and competitions. On-Campus Business Game is one of these intense activities during which potential students get together to solve a real-life business case to win a full-tuition revolving scholarship worth 24,000 EUR for Nyenrode's full time Master of Science in Management.

Gianmarco Graglia (Italian - finalist) and Valeria Dinershteyn (Russian, living in the Netherlands - winner) were amongst the participants of Nyenrode On-Campus Business Game December 2012 edition.

According to Gianmarco: "The competition, which was the main part of the game, was exciting and enriching at the same time. The group project was a great opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and countries. The assignment was a stimulating and interesting way to develop myself. I made many new friends and I enjoyed living the Nyenrode life for two days. And of course I have learned an important lesson: Work hard! Play hard!"

Valeria summarises her experience as such:
“My very first impressions of the University immediately told me that such an institution must attract people from diverse and intriguing backgrounds - just the kind of people I love to meet. When my team eventually won, we were overcome with a wave of raw, true exhilaration.

Next August, I will be starting my Master's in Nyenrode Business Universiteit. I believe in chances and opportunities. I believe in being bold and grabbing them with two hands any time they present themselves. But above all, I believe Nyenrode will be a great step forwards in my life and it’s a step I can’t wait to take.”

Valeria Dinershteyn, winner of Nyenrode On-Campus Business Game 2012

Next On-Campus Business Game
Date: March 15 & 16
› Requirements:
- Motivation to study at Nyenrode
- Be eligible for the program
- Able to start the MSc in Management program in August 2013
Prize: One full-tuition revolving scholarship for MSc in Management
Send your resume to
Deadline: March 8

For any questions about the Nyenrode Business Game please contact:
 +31 346 291 211 or



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