MBA try-out weekend for expats at Nyenrode Business Universiteit

MBA try-out weekend for expats at Nyenrode Business Universiteit


If you’re in the Netherlands or abroad and you are thinking about pursuing an MBA, then Nyenrode Business Universiteit has the perfect solution for you.

Lauded by students as the Best University in the Netherlands 2015*, it offers potential candidates the chance to attend typical MBA lectures and to meet other students and alumni. You even get to experience on-campus life for a couple of days when you sign up for Nyenrode's International MBA Weekend!

International Master of Business Administration

Most professionals face the possibility of following an MBA programme at some point in their careers, but exploring MBA opportunities can be very overwhelming due to the large number of programmes and formats that are available.

And while business schools offer countless events and sessions where you can gather information about the academic programmes, it is more challenging to get a real feel for what the MBA life is really like. That is why Nyenrode Business Universiteit has created the MBA Weekend events.

Nyenrode events for MBA candidates

The MBA Weekends are designed for aspiring professionals who are considering an MBA in the Netherlands and who would like to experience the real MBA life before choosing a programme. 

The first MBA Weekend of 2016 took place on February 26 - 28. More than 20 talents from all over the world attended events including:
Information session from the programme team
Simulations about global sourcing
Meet & greet with students and alumni
Master class in corporate finance
Nyenrode Admission’s test and personal review session
Visits to different locations on campus
Boot camp at Nyenrode’s sport facilities
Two nights at Nyenrode’s hotels

Don’t miss upcoming MBA Weekend events

If you could not attend the first MBA Weekend of 2016, Nyenrode offers two more MBA Weekend events for potential MBA students interested in its full-time International MBA.

The next MBA Weekend will take place from Friday to Sunday, April 29 - May 1, on Nyenrode’s campus in Breukelen.

The following Nyenrode MBA Weekend takes place from Friday to Sunday, July 8 - 10.

If you are considering pursuing an MBA in the Netherlands, don’t hesitate and register now!

MBA try-out weekends for expats at Nyenrode

MBA try-out weekends for expats at Nyenrode

Register today for the next MBA Weekend

The MBA weekend is open to participants who are interested in learning more about the full-time International MBA programme and who are considering following an MBA in the near future. It doesn’t matter if you are a resident of the Netherlands or live abroad, because all are welcome to participate in the MBA Weekend.

Register today and one of Nyenrode’s talent recruiters will contact you with more details about this event.

Nyenrode’s full-time International MBA

Nyenrode Business Universiteit offers a full-time, 1-year International MBA programme designed around integrated business practices, in-company projects and the European economic reality. Nyenrode has a unique campus that’s located on a 13th century estate within the Amsterdam Economic Area.

During the programme, participants will also embark on a European Business Tour that includes visits to companies in five different European markets. The Nyenrode full-time International MBA 2015-2016 class has an equal number of female and male students and is proud to include more than 50 talents from 20 different countries. 

Your MBA can be tax deductible!

Register for a personal consultation with Nyenrode’s Talent Recruiters and learn more about your options to finance your MBA.

Learn more

For more information about the MBA Weekend, contact talent recruiter Ghislaine Crombag via:
 T: +31 (0) 346 291 668
 E: [email protected]

Nyenrode University

*Source: De Nationale Studenten Enquête from Studiekeuze123




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