MBA- Not just a degree

MBA- Not just a degree


Wait a moment. MBA? Not just a degree?

No. Not at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. The Nyenrode MBA is much more than that. It’s a 360-degree journey of discovering your personal authentic leadership, entrepreneurship and stewardship capabilities that stretches far beyond obtaining just your diploma.

If you just want to get a degree, you are not at the right address at Nyenrode. Founded in 1946 by visionary leaders to rebuild the Dutch economy from the ashes of World War II, shaping responsible and entrepreneurial leaders is embedded in our DNA. It is the reason of our existence, our promise to society and to YOU.

The Nyenrode MBA is designed to meet your personal and professional aspirations in a way that matches best with your career and private life. At Nyenrode, you can choose between Full-time International, Part-time Executive and Modular Executive MBA programs. 

"During the Nyenrode MBA, I acquired extensive knowledge in business & management which now, years after graduating, I still use on a daily basis in my job.

"But most importantly, I discovered myself as part of a team, my drives, my leadership capabilities and my role as a professional.

"Magic happens behind those gates at the Nyenrode campus. I studied, learned and lived with peers from all over the world. Not only did this provide me with business contacts that I can fall back on any time, I truly made friends for life," said Nyenrode alumnus Luis Arias, Full-time International MBA, Costa Rica.

At Nyenrode, be ready to be energized by interacting with bright minds, strong personalities, driven individuals and internationally respected specialists in various fields. Increase your leadership and impact on others and become part of a network for life.

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