International Masters at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

International Masters at The Hague University of Applied Sciences


Do you plan to embark on a Master’s degree this year? Are you looking for a high quality programme to add depth to your career or enrich your personal development?

Discover three world-class international Master’s degrees at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) which can help springboard your career development.

Highly effective Master’s programmes

With a strong international focus, THUAS prepares students to take on senior leadership roles in their fields.

The professional Master’s degrees at THUAS deepen and expand your professional expertise, strengthen your analytical skills, help you acquire research skills and upgrade your personal talents. The programmes focus on the practical application of knowledge so that you can use what you learn directly in your professional practice.

The THUAS Master's programmes

The three programmes offered by The Hague University of Applied Sciences are:
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master in International Communication Management (MICM)
Master of Financial Management and Control (MFMC)

Each Master can be taken full time (one year) or part time (two years) with courses starting at the end of August.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA is the most sought-after post-graduate degree in the business world and a prerequisite for many top global roles.

The Master of Business Administration at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (MBA) develops your business insight, knowledge and strategic skills while also expanding your network and career opportunities. Additionally, you will gain a professional edge and a deep understanding of the international business world.

THUAS believes in knowledge sharing, teamwork and making the most of one’s talents through cross-cultural debate and independent thinking, which is why the MBA is taught in an inspirational and small-scale environment, where students from all over the world learn from each other as well as from the lecturers.

The THUAS MBA will help you reach the next level in your career; whether your goal is to take on executive and strategic roles within your company, move into another sector or start your own venture.

Master in International Communication Management (MICM)

Corporate communication and brand management are keystones for growing and maintaining large organisations. The role of communications specialists is consequently seen as one of increasing strategic importance.

The THUAS Master in International Communication Management (MICM) creates tomorrow’s communications leaders today by giving them the knowledge and skills to handle a broad spectrum of issues and challenges.

THUAS provides a practical, real-world approach to relevant and cutting-edge theory, preparing graduates to assume leadership pathways in the communication fields of their choice.

The curriculum of the MICM is revised each year to anticipate trends in the marketplace. The current programme offers courses in management areas such as corporate, cross-cultural and internal communication as well as media relations, social media and branding.

Master of Financial Management and Control (MFMC)

Decision-maker, high level executive or CFO - these are the future roles envisioned by the ambitious financial and business professionals who embark on the Master of Financial Management and Control (MFMC).

The MFMC arms you with the knowledge, skills and strategic mind-set you need for executive financial management and control positions in international organisations. With this professional stepping-stone you will progress your career in one of Europe’s most vibrant and cutting-edge business hubs, making the jump from practitioner to corporate strategist.

Across the four quarters of the MFMC students focus on a variety of aspects of financial management and control including accounting, finance, organisational behaviour, leadership, corporate governance and risk management.

Are you ready for your next career step?

With these three Master’s degrees you will work intensively on your professional knowledge and The Hague University of Applied Sciences will challenge you to maximise your potential!

Apply now for one of the THUAS Master programmes starting end of August! Applications close August 20!

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