Future Ideas Worldwide Academic Competition

Future Ideas Worldwide Academic Competition


You've done it. You've completed a wonderful bachelor, master or PhD thesis project based on a brilliant idea supported by original research. But what will happen to all that hard work now that you've graduated? 

About the competition

Future Ideas feels that it would be a shame for your efforts to go unnoticed and therefore will once again be running their Worldwide Academic Competition in 2014! 

The goal behind the competition is to put talented students, researchers and aspiring young professionals in contact with leaders and innovators from a variety of booming economic sectors to transform their ideas into viable entrepreneurial ventures. 

To enter, submit your idea and supporting documents online before March 31st!

Eligibility & requirements

 The research must be original. 
It must have been conducted in affiliation with a university or academic institution.
The project must have been supervised by a professor or faculty member.
Your work must be in the form of a thesis, honours project, published journal article, etc.
› Submissions can be in any languagefrom any country and from all academic institutions.
The text and summaries written for your ideas submission form must be in English.

Furthermore, the research topic should be relevant to one of the following themes:

future ideas worldwide academic competition

future ideas 2014

What to prepare for submission

After you've decided on what theme best suits your topic (multidisciplinary work is more than welcome!) and selected a sub-topic, you will be asked to: 
Describe your idea
Define the problem
Explain your research procedure
Show how your research solves the problem
Demonstrate how to implement a solution
Include a catchy image
Provide any attachments with more info
 [Optional] Make a short video pitch and be entered to win the exclusive Thinkers50 Young Thinker Award! 

Be sure to submit your idea on time to qualify!


Mentorship from top thinkers in the world
Cash prizes
Job/internship opportunities
 Permanent access to Future Ideas platform
Booklet featuring the winners
 Promotion via Future Idea's website and social media

About Future Ideas

Future Ideas is a non-profit organisation based in Amsterdam dedicated to enhancing the utilisation of academic knowledge and providing opportunities for researchers (bachelors, masters and PhDs) to get their ideas exposed to top business experts.

Through the competition, the organisation succeeds in connecting innovators from around the world with young professionals and creative minds in order to stimulate the development of ideas, which they believe is key to the future.

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