5 reasons why you should consider doing your MBA in the Netherlands


Nyenrode Business Universiteit offers Bachelor, Master and MBA programs with a focus on developing the next generation of business leaders.

Maybe you have already been living as an expat in the Netherlands for a long time, maybe you have just arrived, or maybe you are preparing to move.

After checking the "Live abroad" box on your bucket list, another transformative life experience is still waiting for you: "Do my MBA".

So why do your MBA in the Netherlands? Here are five reasons to consider:

1. The network

Building your network is key. Doing an MBA exposes you to an enormous variety of people from different companies who can be beneficial to your career.

Additionally, you will be conducting consultancy work for international companies where you literally have to present your analysis and recommendations to their CEOs.

If you are thinking of staying in the Netherlands, an MBA could very well function as a gateway to your next job.

Prefer to move to another country? Since an MBA degree is recognized worldwide, you can take it with you anywhere on the planet - once you decide on your next destination.

2. Pick your flavor

Full-time, part-time executive, modular - you name it! Dutch business schools offer all kinds of flavors, or course structures, to fit an MBA into your busy personal and private life.

For example, Nyenrode Business Universiteit offers an Executive MBA consisting of a series of two-week modules designed to fully immerse you into the MBA, boot camp style.

Or try the MBA Modular alternative: start with one module of your choice and build towards your MBA degree over a period of up to 6 years.

3. Business (and pleasure) the Dutch way

Even though most MBA programs in the Netherlands are internationally oriented and have participants from multiple nationalities, by nature they also attract a large group of Dutchies. This is an invaluable opportunity for you as an expat to become acquainted with doing business the Dutch way.

You will learn to give your opinion at all times, whether you are asked or not, to point out mistakes and to let go of any feelings of superiority. Besides the business aspect, doing your MBA in the Netherlands also has a strong social component.

Though the Dutch are considered open, it can be hard to make friends amongst the locals as an expat. Going through the intense MBA journey together will create bonds that last a lifetime and will immerse you in Dutch social life.

4. The IT knowledge economy

Working in Business and IT? The Netherlands is one of the players at the forefront of IT infrastructure development. Dutch universities are already anticipating the increasing importance of this role by creating MBA programs with a special focus on IT.

Gaining your MBA degree combined with contemporary IT knowledge will give you an advantage when looking for a job in IT, wherever your next destination.

5. Accelerate your Personal Leadership Development journey

Living and working in a different country has a big impact on your personal development. Being out of your comfort zone helps you grow as an individual and in how you relate to others. This growth will be further extended if you embark on an MBA.

A large part of an MBA consists of leadership development. By choosing which program fits your personal situation and ambitions, you are stimulated to get the most out of yourself.

According to Nyenrode Business Universiteit, you can even increase your leadership impact by 25 per cent!

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