iStrategy 2011: What speakers said

IamExpat attended the iStrategy European Conference 2011 in Amsterdam and presents pearls of wisdom from several panelists and keynote speakers.

Andy Chen
CEO at Preview Networks
› In the attention economy, the next 20 seconds will determine your next 20 minutes and 2 hours.
› Video commerce is emerging as one of the hottest areas in e-commerce.
› Content is the king. Distribution is the queen. Video is the crown.
› Content without distribution is a museum piece.

Thomas Marzano
Creative Director Online Brand Communications at Philips
› A brand is what people think it is.
› Customer journey is the purchase path. Experience flow is the emotional side of that journey.

Luuk De Jager
Senior Director, Head B2C Online, Philips Consumer Lifestyle
› Projected video during presentation:

Jan Rezab
CEO at Candytech
About facebook pages:
› Local engagement is between 3 to 7 times bigger than on a global scale.
› Get the response ratio on your fans posts above 80%.

Stephan Lee
CEO at Dimelo
› Do not expect people to become brand advocates until you resolve their problems.

Manny Anekal
Global Director Brand Advertising at Zynga
› The 1-9-90 rule: 1% of your fans creates. 9% shares. 90% consumes.

Mike Burgess
Digital Development Director at Seven
› We believe engagement, not interruption, is the future of marketing.

Michael Aidan
Evian Global Brand Director at Danone Waters
› It's a new world (the digital) but not a hostile one.
› We can do things on the web that we could never do before.

Frederick Townes
CTO at Mashable
› Is there still Digg?
 Your presence on a network is not enough; you need tools to track and measure your engagement.
 Social media strategy alone is not enough; you need a tactical plan too.
 Tools will be so sophisticated that you'll be able to quantify the opportunity costs of your decisions in the future.

Evan Cohen
General Manager at Foursquare
› We wanted to make our service more viral and engaging. We took inspiration from the gaming industry.
› Badges are actually changing behaviours; people go to the gym, attend college classes etc. to unlock them.
› The community is generating events and expanding itself. We're trying to engage with them as often as possible.
› How can we use the Internet to get people off the Internet?

Jann Depoys
Head of Display Advertising at eBay Europe
› Four aspects to consider in target advertising: demographics, keywords, verticals and location.

Paul Dunnay
CMO at Network Insights
› Social media should focus on conversations, not publications. Leverage the long tail of conversations!

Gillian Muessig
Co-Founder at SEO MOZ

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