Want to be more effective and charismatic? Put down that management book!


Many people attempt to improve their leadership skills by reading management and self-help books.

However self-help literature often offers a one-size-fits-all approach, which fails to take into consideration the uniqueness of each individual and their authentic communication.

Increasing your ability to create results easily

How Company supports individuals and businesses to discover their hidden human potential and permanently increase their capacity to create results easily. Part of their service includes training and coaching for communication, personal leadership and management.

Julia Sullivan at How Company has worked with hundreds of individuals wanting to grow themselves professionally and personally.

Here, Julia shares her thoughts on the most effective paths of development and the direct benefit that can be gained from a personal leadership program.

"One of the most important parts of being a good manager has to do with discovering your own charisma. That’s something no book can ever show you.

The main difference between reading about management and learning it through hands-on practice and support, is that with the first you accumulate theoretical knowledge, whereas with the second you grow as a person. By daring to try out new approaches, and by learning to leverage your mistakes and experience.

It’s a myth that personal leadership is about the right approach or solution. It’s always about learning to trust and work with your own unique quality, putting it into action wisely and connecting with the people you work with in an authentic way."

Learning from real life

Other professionals share a similar opinion on the best way to develop yourself and your skills:

"I don’t read self-help books anymore. Live interaction is what keeps me alert and aware of my own blind spots. A book telling me what to do makes me lazy."
Marc van Gastel, Bose Relationship Manager Export Europe.

"What management books fail to take into consideration is the authenticity of both the manager and the person he or she is managing."
Ella van Geest, Senior Business Controller at Pon.

how company program

how company

How Company communication leadership training

Leadership training program

Together with How Company, Julia offers "Communication for Excellence", a training program which can be best described as a four-day exploration of your unique approach to personal leadership in life.

Via the program How Company teaches participants how to grow themselves as leaders in life and work by:

› Combining theory with doing, examining and challenging their attitudes towards life.

› Learning how to "read" situations and people more effectively.

› Learning to transform all results into an on-going process of doing and learning.

› Identifying and removing thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back.

November program details

Dates: November 9, 10, 11, 20, 2015.
Location: De Baak Seaside, Noordwijk aan Zee
 Price: 2.575 euros ex VAT.
Accomodation: 670 euros ex VAT, including 2 nights accommodation, meals and drinks.

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More information

How Company offers a range of other (tailor-made) programs in the Netherlands and abroad. For more info contact Alessandra Morabito:
 Tel: +31 (0)20 506 20 90

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