[Special Offer] Bring your CV to the next level

[Special Offer] Bring your CV to the next level


In today’s job market the competition is fierce and, thus, if you are really interested in a position, your CV (Curriculum Vitae) should be more than just your profile: it must be a well-written marketing tool.

Do you need professional help to bring your CV to the next level? IamExpat, in cooperation with Quality Resume Services, offers a 25% discount to all members and readers!

How it works

The CV writing services offered are customized, highly-personal and powered by extensive recruitment expertise. They are invariably based on a thorough, personal interview and can be written in either English or Dutch.

Step 1: Select the service that reflects you and your work experience:
 Entry Level (0-3 years)
 Mid-career Level (4-7 years)
 Senior-career Level (8 or more years)

Step 2: Select your payment method:
 iDeal or PayPal / Credit Card

Step 3: Schedule your appointment for the initial consultation
You will then receive an automatic confirmation and will be contacted on the date and time you chose. The first meeting (via Skype or telephone) will last approximately one hour and will concern your values, professional history, career goals and accomplishments. A follow-up meeting (see Step 6) will also be scheduled to discuss the first draft of your new CV.

Step 4: Send your CV and other relevant documents to:
These will be used as a guideline and be examined during the initial consultation session.

Step 5: Review the first draft of your new CV
Using the input and information you provided during the first session, an initial draft of your new CV will be crafted and sent to you through email to review. The average time is 2-3 business days after the initial consultation.

Step 6: Discuss your comments and feedback
Discuss (via email, phone or Skype) your comments and feedback on the draft. After processing the revisions, you will receive the revised draft. When all revisions are complete and you are fully satisfied, you will receive your new, final CV via email in three formats (Word, PDF and ASCII).


 Personal, in depth consultation via telephone or Skype
 Tailored to your unique professional background and goals
 Support to enhance your professional image
 Free, unlimited revisions of your resume until you are satisfied

Take advantage of the 25% discount special offer and bring your CV to the next level now!

Free initial consultation

Still not convinced? There is no reason to miss out on a great position just because your Curriculum Vitae didn’t make the cut!

See how Quality Resume Services can help you out: schedule a free, introductory consultation!

About Quality Resume Services

Rob van Zoelen, owner of Quality Resume Services, has worked as a retainer-based recruiter for numerous companies in many industries and has successfully introduced candidates to an abundance of vacancies.

During his 25-year career in the staffing industry, Rob has interviewed and hired numerous candidates from different backgrounds and nationalities, and has reviewed thousands of CVs.

About IamExpat Jobs

Looking for a job is, was and always will be a basic need for expats in the Netherlands and around the world. That’s why IamExpat Jobs has successfully served thousands of internationals!

Now that you have a killer CV, find your dream job!




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