Most professionals do not find their element. Will you be one of them?


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Why is it important to find your element? Julia Sullivan from How Company explains.

The year was 1992, the place was Amsterdam. I had come over from London where I’d been hired and I was planning to stay in the Dutch capital for one or two years.

I lived around the corner from the flower market, up five flights of stairs at the top of a typical narrow canal house. From my bedroom, I could hear the trams on Leidsestraat.

I got my teeth into my job and would work until eight most evenings. Nothing was in my comfort zone; it was a new position, new city, new friends, new language, new life and there were no old friends to fall back on. But I enjoyed the newness of it all and life was good.

After a year or so, I was feeling at home in the city and doing well at work, but I started to ask myself if I was really fulfilled. And if I was really honest with myself... I wasn’t. I was doing my job well, my agenda was full, but as a human being I wasn’t in my "element".

Reprogramming your personal success blueprint

I went to a course in personal leadership, right here in Amsterdam. And there I learned that I had a personal success blueprint that was programmed to the setting average-to-good, which would never allow me to be truly excellent.

I understood that this blueprint would keep me on the same average-to-good path for the rest of my life, however hard I worked, unless I flipped a switch in how I communicated with myself.

My path had been to work hard and keep others happy. But it hadn’t gotten me where I wanted and required so much effort I wasn’t sure how long I could keep it up.

During the training, I discovered to my surprise that the room was filled with other professionals who, in the privacy of four walls, all admitted that while they were successful, they hadn't found their element yet. These days, it is common for most professionals to never find it at all.

Flip the switch

Thankfully for me, my switch flipped, and my blueprint changed. Within three months I was promoted and went up two salary scales. Within one year I qualified as a communications trainer and gave my first seminar, and within five years I was working as a facilitator with senior managers in schools, hospitals and organisations.

I was in my element, and the fact that I was a foreigner in Holland didn’t even cross my mind anymore.

Julia Sullivan Julia Sullivan How Company

Since then I have been blessed to have worked with thousands of individuals to find their unique element and use it in whatever line of work they are in.

To me, one of life’s most exciting questions is "how to communicate with myself and others, so that we become the best we can be and have fun doing it." And this is what being in your element is all about.

Clean communication

When our communication with ourselves is "clean", we handle situations in life with confidence, flair and kindness. When it is not clean, our internal dialogue undermines us in all kinds of subtle ways, which shows up in our behaviour. We become protective and our moods, behaviour and results suffer.

Cleaning up your communication with yourself is what I do at How Company. I assist people with flipping the switch on their subconscious personal success blueprint and setting it to achieve more than they can ever imagine in their life, by cleaning up the way they communicate with themselves and others.

More information

Julia will be at the IamExpat Fair in Amsterdam with How Company where she will be facilitating the workshop “5 Principles That Will Change Your Life”. She will do her best to make it the most important 45 minutes you will spend this year!

Spaces are limited and will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, so click here to reserve your free seat.

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