Become a Cyber Hero: IE Tech Talks in Amsterdam


The IE School of Human Sciences and Technology invites you to share ideas and be part of their upcoming free cybersecurity workshop in Amsterdam with the aim of learning more about the impact of cybersecurity and data science on the world economy.

About the event 

Digitalisation, the fourth industrial revolution, has transformed the world into a digital jungle. Now, the world needs Cyber Heroes that can save us from attacks like "WannaCry Ransomware" that almost collapsed organisations, cities and countries, just last May.

If you are working in IT, Finance, General Management, Consulting, or Data Science, amongst other functions, you play a key role in defining the cybersecurity strategy of your organisation.

Join us at our cybersecurity workshop, become a Cyber Hero, and learn why decision makers in every corporation should have a cybersecurity strategy:

You will work in teams to define a business strategy to protect your enterprise from sophisticated attacks like the ones cybersecurity professionals face on a daily basis.

There will be a special prize for the team that develops the best strategy to solve the cybersecurity challenge.

Learn about the jobs of the future such as Cybersecurity Analyst, Data Scientist, Chief Information Officer, or Data Consultant and understand why this new generation of professionals is key to digital transformation.

Are you brave enough to participate in this workshop and be part of our cybersecurity challenge? Register now!

About the speakers

Tomás Lara started his career holding sales and management positions at Oracle and Iecisa. He moved to Silicon Valley where he co-founded Secuware Inc. 

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IE Tech Talk Amsterdam

During his time in the USA, Tomás became an expert on Corporate Strategy and how to make cybersecurity companies grow fast. 

Back in Spain, Tomás joined Trend Micro where he was rapidly promoted to General Manager for Spain and Portugal transforming Trend Micro's business in both markets. 

Tomás is currently Associate Professor at the Master in Cybersecurity, professional coach, and public speaker.

Marcos Ramírez is passionate about technology, innovation, and data science. He holds a Master's in Management from IE Business School and studied Industrial Engineering at Tecnologico de Monterrey.

Marcos has worked in the energy sector as a Business Analyst for Oil & Gas, Telecom, and electrical projects at Schneider Electric.

Currently, he is Associate Director and Product Manager of the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data and Master in Cybersecurity at IE School of Human Sciences and Technology.

Free workshop: Cybersecurity, Threat Hunters and Cyber Heroes

› Date: Monday, June 26, 2017
› Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
› Venue: Amsterdam. To be confirmed upon registration.

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