Museums in Arnhem

Interested in Dutch art, culture, history or science? Here’s a list of some of the most visited and interesting museums in Arnhem that both expats and tourists should visit.

  • Utrechtseweg 87, 6812 AA

    Arnhem Museum is a museum of modern and contemporary art, as well as applied art and design. Forms of realism make up the core of the museum's collection.

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  • Hoeferlaan 4, 6816 SG

    The Netherlands Open Air Museum (Nederlands Openluchtmuseum) is located on a 44-hectare site in Arnhem and comprises buildings from different times in Dutch history and from different parts of the Netherlands, exploring the culture of the everyday lives of ordinary people in times past. There is a heritage tram to transport visitors around the park, where they can see reenactments and replicas associated with the Dutch East India Company, World War I and slavery in the former colonies.

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