[Video] Welcome to the Netherlands! It's a crazy place!

[Video] Welcome to the Netherlands! It's a crazy place!

The Netherlands is a very unique country with its own language, cuisine, and culture. Upon arrival here, no matter which country you’ve come from, it can be a little difficult to adjust to the people and the way of life here. 

As an expat, there are a lot of things to get used to and to sort out when you arrive in a new country - and there will likely also be one or two things about your new home that will surprise you a bit (or a lot!). 

What surprised you the most about the Netherlands

Online Dutch teacher Bart de Pau asked a couple of expats from all around the world who now live in the Netherlands and are learning Dutch what they found the most surprising upon their arrival in the country. The answers ranged from tame drinking habits to the directness of the Dutch. Take a look at the video below and find out what people had to say!

How long have you been living in the Netherlands? What surprised you when you moved here? What still surprises you every day?

Victoria Séveno


Victoria Séveno

Victoria grew up in Amsterdam, before moving to the UK to study English and Related Literature at the University of York and completing her NCTJ course at the Press Association...

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