[Video] Footage of the beautiful Dutch tulip fields from above

[Video] Footage of the beautiful Dutch tulip fields from above

The Netherlands is famous for its gorgeous fields full of beautiful tulips, and in the spring people travel from all over the world just to get a picture of the fields in bloom But this year, many of the people who would've travelled to get a glimpse of the iconic Dutch flowers were unable to, as the coronavirus pandemic left people across the country, and across the world, in lockdown. Sadly, the lockdown coincided with the months in which the fields are at their most beautiful, and with Keukenhof closed for the season too, people were left missing their yearly flower-fix. 

But don’t fret! See the tulip fields as you’ve never seen them before - without loads and loads of tourists - in this video which uses drone footage to show them in all their glory!

Video by Rutger den Hertog

Three lovely minutes of sunrises, sunsets, windmills, and, of course, tulips. What more could you ask for!

Victoria Séveno


Victoria Séveno

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