Update: Escaped Dutch cow’s best friend saved

Update: Escaped Dutch cow’s best friend saved

Hermien, the cow who escaped and gained freedom via a crowdfunding campaign, set up by the Dutch political party, Party for the Animals (PvdD), is not the only cow to have her fate changed. Hermien’s best friend Zus, as she is being called, who also escaped but was captured shortly after, will be headed to the same cow retirement home as Hermien.

“Cowfunding” campaign in the Netherlands

Hermien and Zus owe their freedom to a crowdfunding campaign set up by the Dutch Party for the Animals, which raised 50.000 euros. The money raised was used to purchase both Hermien and Zus and ensure their care for the rest of their days at the cow retirement home, De Leemweg, in Zandhuizen.

Zus will be taken to De Leemweg on February 8, and Hermien will reunite with her there in late April. PvdD MP Esther Ouwehand will be present when Zus arrives at the cow retirement home.

Dutch cow drama

After several attempts to catch her, Dutch cow Hermien will now be left to her own devices so that she can rest and recuperate after the stress of avoiding capture the last few weeks. In a few weeks time, a group of cows will be sent to graze in a nearby pasture in the hopes of luring Hermien out. When she has finally been rounded up, Hermien will be transferred to De Leemweg.

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