[Book Review] Turning Points

Turning Points
25 inspiring stories from women entrepreneurs who have turned their careers and their lives around
Summertime Publishing
240 pp, paperback, 16,99 euros

How would you feel if suddenly your life fell apart? What if you found yourself in prison, divorced, seriously ill, bankrupt, disabled, alone, addicted or any one of many other unthinkable disasters?

Well that is exactly the kind of challenge that each of the 25 incredible women included in this unique anthology faced. And it is from such dilemmas of life-changing proportions, from such Turning Points, that each of these women stopped, took stock and decided to turn their lives around.

It is through their candid stories that they share details of their lowest moments and their eventual achievements. Perhaps, more importantly, they provide practical advice, comprehensive resources, connections and ideas as well as countless valuable giveaways and free consultations.

When things go wrong and we reach rock bottom, we have a choice: to stay in the depths of despair, or to stop, take stock and turn our lives around. These dark moments are our Turning Points. And it is at these moments that we need the support of others.

Kate Cobb, the editor of this inspiring collection, is British but has lived in France for 15 years, working first for large international corporations and now running her own executive coaching and training business, Moving Forward Your Way.

Kate has worked with women entrepreneurs for over 20 years, helping them to achieve the financial and personal goals they have always dreamed of. Looking back at her own Turning Point, Kate, who discovered in 2005 that she faced a life of increasing disability yet needed to support herself financially, recognised the lessons she had learned during her own point of crisis - a crisis that she had kept to herself for many years.

"I suddenly felt that I needed to share my story so that others facing physical hardship could take heart and realise that life isn't over for them. My message to everyone is to keep going and never give up even when it looks like the odds are stacked against you. There is always a way forward. This is the message behind every single inspirational Turning Points story," explains Kate.

"As a successful women's development coach, I am surrounded by amazing women who have experienced incredible challenges and come out smiling."

The idea for the book was born just a year ago when Kate attended a workshop on how to write a book at the WIN conference in Paris. She realised she had a chance of getting these stories out into the world in order to help others struggling with change.

"Most of the women entrepreneurs I work with feel they have to do everything alone - so it was not only sharing with others but also banding together as a community that interested me." 

As editor of Turning Points I had the privilege to be in contact with 24 incredible women and hear their stories first hand. These authors now form an international community who work together to support each other, even though they did not know each other before the book. Many of them, like me, live overseas." says Kate.

You can follow the progress of the book at Turning Points.

Read what others have said about Turning Points:
"Inspiring, motivating, empowering - need I say more! This book is a must-read for women who are ready to make the leap into something new. Learn from the wisdom of amazing women who have made choices, overcome adversity and done things their way."
Karen Williams, Amazon best selling author of The Secrets of Successful Coaches 

"This book convincingly confirms that we can learn from all the experiences of our lives. An inspiring and motivating read. I urge you to buy this book today." 
Debora McLaughlin, The Renegade Leadership Mentor, and contributing author to Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard's Blueprint for Success: 14 Powerhouse Professionals

"Wow. Turning Points is a book full of inspiration and hope. If you are thinking you cannot, think again and read this book. You won't want to put it down as you read the amazing journeys these women had, and how their own unique challenges gave birth to their dreams, passions, and success. This book reveals the tenacity of the human spirit. If you are needing that push, nudge or inspiration, this is a must-read."
Joy Perreras, Relaxing the Feminine Mentor

For interviews with the author and to arrange review copies and excerpts of the book, please contact Kate Cobb at: kate[at]movingforwardyourway[dot]com

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