Six top Dutch breweries and their best beers

Six top Dutch breweries and their best beers

Whether you prefer a stout or a lager, a Saison or an IPA, there are plenty of options for beer lovers in the Netherlands. If you're a true fanatic though, why not go right to the source? There are a number of award-winning breweries across the country - here are our picks for the best Dutch breweries that absolutely cannot be missed!

Dutch beer and breweries in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a great reputation in the field of beer. According to a recent official tally by the Chamber of Commerce (KvK), the country is now home to almost 1.000 breweries, many of which are microbreweries that produce various speciality beers.

As well as a number of official breweries in the Netherlands, there are also many private setups. If you ask around, odds are you'll find at least a few people who brew their own beer at home!

Six popular Dutch breweries

Here is a short description of six of the most popular breweries in the Netherlands, along with their best beers!

1. Jopenkerk

The former Jopenkerk church in the centre of Haarlem has been transformed into a beautiful brewery to uphold the city’s centuries-old brewing tradition. Combined with a cafe and restaurant, the Jopenkerk is a unique location and perfect for a drink, lunch or dinner. It has put its historic home city back on the map for beer lovers.

Jopen Mooie Nel

IPA is a ship’s beer, extra heavy and hoppy for those long voyages aboard a mighty vessel. Jopen Mooie Nel ("Pretty Nel") is an amber ale North Sea IPA. The name is derived from the waters between Haarlem and Spaarndam. This rich beer has a bitter flavour with fruity tones.

Gold Jopen Ongelovige Thomas

A full malty flavour is the main attraction of this beer. Ongelovige Thomas ("Doubting Thomas") is a red and brown heavyweight, perfect for winter.

2. Texelse Bierbrouwerij

Located in an old milk factory on the island of Texel, the Texelse Bierbrouwerij focuses on their products, workers and environment. The brewery uses pure dune water, local barley and Texel hops and yeast, and can be visited for a tour or a tasting.

Gold Texels Springtij

Gold Texels Springtij is a blonde speciality beer that was named after the Texel spring. It has a surprisingly flowery aroma, and the slightly higher alcohol percentage gives the beer its full “body."

3. Het Uiltje Brewery

Het Uiltje started out as a home brewery in Haarlem and grew into a full contender, including a charming bar. The brewing itself is now done in the Jopenkerk facilities, but the results set themselves apart as a wide variety of fresh and colourful speciality beers.

Big Fat 5

The Big Fat 5 Double IPA is an amber ale that’s dry-hopped to the bone and fresh as can be. It was created to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Beer Temple in Amsterdam.


 SNAB, or the Foundation of Noord Holland Alternative Beer Brewers in Purmerend, promotes rather special brews. Their beers are made with unconventional resources and methods. These special processes result in many unique beers with names to match their different personalities.


Ezelenbok is a dark double bock beer that is described as being extremely stubborn and very Dutch.

Snab Pale Ale

SNAB’s amber pale ale is non-pasteurised and is known for being an easy drink. Inspired by the American West Coast, It was the first American Pale Ale to be brewed in Europe.

5. Egmond Brewery

Also known as Sancti Adalberti Miraculum NovumEgmond Brewery is located near the Sint Adelbert Abbey in Egmond. Part of their profits go to this religious house and they brew traditional abbey beer.

Gold Sancti Adalberti Egmondse Dubbel

The Egmondse Dubbel is light in volume and dark in colour. It is ruby coloured with the scent of red fruits and caramel.

6. Bierbrouwerij ‘t IJ

Bierbrouwerij 't IJ consists of two locations within 500 metres distance of one another in the Dutch capital, all to optimise their brewing capacity. Its main location and bar are housed in one of the most beautiful windmills in Amsterdam. Drinkers can sit outside in the shade of the trees on the terrace or settle down in the newly redecorated interior.

Zatte (Heavy blond)

Zatte is a classic beer, and was the first to be produced by this brewery in 1985. The firm golden brew has an aroma of fresh fruit and a hint of grain, with a light sweet flavour.

Other noteworthy Dutch breweries

Have a look at this selection of 25 other noteworthy Dutch breweries:


The Hague:



Other cities:

Have we missed any breweries off our list? Which is your favourite Dutch brewery? Let us know in the comments below!

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