Surf's up! Grab your board and ride those waves in… Rotterdam?

Surf's up! Grab your board and ride those waves in… Rotterdam?

Soon, you won’t need to travel as far as Hawaii or South Africa if you want to catch some waves. Instead picture a less tropical, more metropolitan setting, as Rotterdam has unveiled plans to develop an artificial reef on one of its canals.

Rif010 making waves in Rotterdam

Can you picture it? It’s a summer's day in the Netherlands, the weather is warm and sunny (a miracle), and you hope on your bike - with your surfboard, of course - to the Steigersgracht in Rotterdam. Maybe you stop off for a drink in the sunshine first, or perhaps you jump straight into the water, ready to surf the waves. 

This rather unusual scenario may sound unlikely, but it is about to become a reality. Earlier this month, the municipality announced that a project proposed back in 2014 had finally been approved, and will receive 3 million euros in funding. The plan is for Rif010 to open in 2024, and the municipality hopes will provide a boost to businesses in the local area and will encourage more visitors to come to the city.

Victoria Séveno


Victoria Séveno

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