Sahara sand provides stunning sunsets in the Netherlands

Sahara sand provides stunning sunsets in the Netherlands

Last weekend, a large cloud of sand from the Sahara blew across Europe. The presence of the sand is apparent in the colourful sunsets and sunrises it causes, but also in the layers of sand left on objects after a rain shower.

Rain with sand in the Netherlands

If you have already cleaned off your garden furniture for the spring weather and put it outside, you might end up dusting it off a few more times this week. The rain showers expected in the Netherlands will not only consist of water, but also some of the sand that is making the sky look so pretty during sunset and sunrise.

On Monday, April 9, the concentration of Sahara sand above the Netherlands was the highest. During morning rain showers, a mixture of sand and water fell in the north and west of the Netherlands. During the night of April 9, the concentration of sand in the air decreased.

Despite a decrease in sand concentration above the Netherlands, you may still have to dust off your garden furniture or wash your car again this week. According to Weeronline, sand will be present in the atmosphere the whole week and with the rain showers that have been forecasted, you can expect a thin layer of sand to settle on anything you’ve left outside.

Stunning Dutch sunsets

For the next few days, the sunsets and sunrises in the Netherlands will be bolder than usual, as the sand particles in the air refract and scatter the light, intensifying the red, orange and yellow colours. On Wednesday, April 11, the probability of beautiful skies is the greatest.

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