Royal Coster Diamonds: Your luxury jeweller in Amsterdam

Royal Coster Diamonds: Your luxury jeweller in Amsterdam


On December 20, 2023, the diamond house Royal Coster Diamonds officially reopened its enduring presence in the industry. Dating back more than 120 years, their buildings have undergone a radical makeover. The new, innovative experience now has a direct entrance via a third of its four historical buildings in Paulus Potterstraat 6 - the former Coster Watches.

Royal Coster Diamonds: A brand-new showroom

During the renovation, Royal Coster Diamonds has carefully preserved the building's original stained-glass decorations from the early 1920s, which now enhance the rich heritage of their new showroom. Be among the first to enjoy the beauty of craftsmanship and discover the Royal Coster legacy in their new showroom.


Luxury shopping experience

While the original entrance (Paulus Potterstraat 2) will continue to be utilised for larger groups of first-time visitors, the new store will focus on accompanying private visitors to one of fourteen showrooms with greater discretion.

The secluded entrance will allow easier access for focused shoppers, on appointments or walk-ins, for any type of tailored advice. Simply walk in or make an appointment with one of the Sales Advisors at Royal Coster. You can also request a private consultation in your native language because they offer services in more than 25 languages.


Canals of Amsterdam 

With the launching of their showroom in Paulus Potterstraat 6, the oldest diamond house in the world proudly presents their new collection: Canals of Amsterdam. In honour of the country’s most famous UNESCO world heritage sites, the new collection from Royal Coster Diamonds is inspired by Amsterdam’s seventeenth-century waterways: a reflection of contrasts, within the ancient borders of the city of diamonds. The items in this collection are named after three of the city’s most prominent waterways: de Singel, de Spiegel and of course, de Amstel.

18K white and yellow-gold 

With baguette- and brilliant-cut diamonds, the craftsmanship displays refined asymmetrical compositions, available both in white and in yellow 18K gold. All of the jewellery pieces in this collection begin at 990 euros.

Characterised by smaller carat weights, in different combinations, Royal Coster Diamonds combines all of these elements to create sharp but playful contrasts. For example, with a Spiegel Bangle or an Amstel Ring, any outfit will immediately acquire a contemporary twist of youthful elegance. The contrasts can be enhanced even further because most items are stackable, meaning that at any moment, you can add your own flair or revive your set.

Come and try on some items and see for yourself!

The world's oldest diamond polishing factory 

Founded in 1840, Royal Coster Diamonds is the oldest, functioning diamond polishing-factory in the world. Situated at Museumplein, in the very heart of Amsterdam, Royal Coster is known globally for their craftsmanship, passion and their exceptionally-large diamond inventory (the largest in Europe).

Since its inception, Royal Coster Diamonds has continued to offer a variety of tailored services for diamonds and jewellery and they boast an approachable environment for their customers worldwide. A rite of passage for all new visitors are the tours of the Royal Coster polishing zones, where you can learn about the art of diamond polishing from their expert craftsmen.


Diamond Masterclass 

Ever wondered how the world's hardest material is transformed into a dazzling gem? There is no better way to find out than by experiencing it firsthand. Cutting diamonds is a complex craft that demands specialised knowledge, tools, equipment and techniques. In Royal Coster's Diamond Masterclass, you can get more acquainted with this complex craft.

As part of the Diamond Masterclass, you will also receive:

  • A private tour of the Diamond Museum
  • Hands-on, expert guidance from a skilled diamond polisher
  • Beverages and a complimentary gift
  • The Diamond Masterclass Polishing Certificate
  • A free consultation on possibilities to set your diamond with one of Royal Coster's diamond advisors (optional)

Following this highly exclusive workshop (limited to two participants at a time), you will get a taste of the art of diamond-cutting. Your personal guide will also take you on a private tour of the Diamond Museum, after which you will meet with the master diamond polisher.

Once you are well-versed in all of the intricacies, you will start the process of polishing your very own diamond, under the guidance of their master polisher. Upon completion of the course, you'll be presented with an official Royal Coster Diamonds Polishing Certificate.

Don't miss your chance to polish your own diamond - book your Diamond Masterclass today!

Royal Coster: Get lost in the magical world of diamonds

For a luxury, tailor-made experience from Royal Coster Diamonds, fill out the contact form or reach out via phone at +31 20 3055 555.



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