Rotterdam Delta City app reveals city's flood defences

Rotterdam Delta City app reveals city's flood defences

Rotterdam is vulnerable to flooding, being situated next to the River Meuse and close to the North Sea. Accordingly, there is a whole network of water barriers situated around the city and port.

A new phone app, "Rotterdam Delta City," has just been developed to give visitors a detailed overview of the structures which keep Rotterdam safe and dry.

About the "Rotterdam Delta City" app

While walking around the city, users can learn about the unique flood-protection measures employed here. These include water plazas, multi-functional dikes and the famous Maeslant Barrier.

The interactive app allows users to learn about the specific engineering technology behind these structures. "Rotterdam Delta City" will also explain how engineers have devised measures which are both innovative and atttractive in order to protect this city.


The app will allow visitors to the city to gain an insight into how smart spatial and structural design combine to create effective flood protection.

This is particularly interesting given that a great deal of the Netherlands is below sea-level. But climate change means that sea levels will be rising even more in the near future. Consequently, Rotterdam's innovative methods may soon become relevant to a greater population of the world.

For more information about the app, click here.


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