Find out which dog is the best dog in the Netherlands

Find out which dog is the best dog in the Netherlands

It is a fact universally acknowledged that all dogs are good dogs. We all love our pets, but Radio 10 has taken it one step further and has crowned Zazou the dachshund the best dog in the Netherlands!

Uit HOND-erden aanmeldingen werd teckel Zazou bij Ekdom in de Morgen bekroond tot Leukste Hond van Nederland! Ze ging...

Posted by Radio 10 on Friday, 18 September 2020

Radio 10’s leukste hond van Nederland 

In the spring of 2019, Dutch radio station, Radio 10, went on a hunt to find the best dog in the Netherlands, and Pieter the Australian Labradoodle from Hengelo was crowned victorious. The contest was such a success that radio DJ Gerard Ekdom resumed it, announcing at the start of September that he was yet again on the hunt for the best dog in the Netherlands.

Zazou competed against Tessa the Shih Tzu, Juup the Labrador, Tinus the Mastif, and aptly named DJ the Bernese Mountain Dog. As the champion, Zazou won a year’s supply of dog food. 

Meet Zazou the dachshund 

Zazou escaped death, but was left paralysed following an incident with a Rottweiler in 2019. A spinal injury means that she now has her very own wheelchair to help her get about. In a statement, Radio 10 said she had won the title because, in spite of the injury and the wheelchair, she is the most cheerful and therefore the nicest and best dog in the Netherlands. 

You can see the adorable Zazou in action in the video below.

 Source: NOS Jeugdjournaal

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