Play field hockey with fellow-expats!


ABN AMRO invites you to join the first expat field hockeyteam in Amstelveen
Together with field hockey club Myra, located in Amstelveen, ABN AMRO invites you to become part of the first ABN AMRO Expat Field hockey team in the Netherlands.

With many field hockey clubs and a very professionally organised league-system, field hockey in the Netherlands is not like anywhere else in the world. HV Myra will be the first club in the Netherlands that will support a team only for expats.

For more information, please contact Michiel Hilders (ABN AMRO Expat Clients) at
+31 (0) 20 343 40 02 or visit HV Myra.

HV Myra hockey

About this offer
Training every week with a dedicated coach
› Weekly matches on Sunday, from September to December and March to June
› A social experience within HV Myra
› A free field hockey stick and HV Myra outfit (provided by ABN AMRO)
› An introduction discount of 50 euros (provided by ABN AMRO)
› One men’s team and one women’s team

› Field hockey fees are 280 euros per season
› The team will start only after reaching a minimum of 16 participants
Email Expat.clients[at] before August 8th to sign up



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Erin Howard 20:52 | 24 February 2018

Hi there, is this group still running? I just moved to Amsterdam from New Zealand and keen to get involved in a team if there is any space? Thanks!! Erin :)

Sergios 10:20 | 26 February 2018

Hello Erin, You can find different groups and clubs here:

tsumpter 11:14 | 1 May 2018

The mens team is still going and always recruiting. I am also trying to revive the womens team. Email [email protected] for details about either!