The place to be: Rooftop bar LuminAir, the bar above Amsterdam

The place to be: Rooftop bar LuminAir, the bar above Amsterdam


Nestled close to the heart of Amsterdam Central Station, LuminAir has quickly established itself as the perfect example of inclusive exclusivity and innovation since its grand opening on June 30, 2023. Transcending the conventional bar scene, LuminAir, often referred to as "the bar above Amsterdam", offers an unparalleled experience inspired by light and air.


Immerse yourself in a world of energy, music, art, and ever-changing skies above the creative city. The rooftop terrace, designed by the renowned interior design agency, King Kongs, exudes an ambience that quite literally elevates guests into the clouds. With cloud-shaped installations, dynamic light projections, and a spectacular view of Amsterdam's historic city centre, LuminAir is more than just the perfect hotspot for a cocktail night - it's a place where brunch, lunch and dinner reach new heights.

Culinary delights at LuminAir luminair-sushi.jpg

LuminAir's commitment to excellence extends to its culinary offerings. The bar and kitchen collaborate seamlessly to craft a menu where cocktails and food merge into an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the signature Lumen based menu, on which each cocktail is carefully crafted to match the brightness of light. From the refreshing Lillet Blanc-infused Clear Blue Sky to the robust Match Flame with roasted apple and pear-infused rye whiskey, LuminAir's cocktail menu is a journey through taste and brilliance.

At LuminAir, it's all about high-end mixology and matching bar bites. The cocktail menu consists of eight alcoholic and three non-alcoholic signatures. The bar and kitchen work intensively together to create a complete experience where cocktails and food blend effortlessly. Whether you prefer a daytime indulgence, an evening delight, or a night of revelry, LuminAir caters to all tastes.

Sunday brunch concept: a culinary journey in the clouds

Adding to its allure, LuminAir has introduced a Sunday brunch concept, transforming your weekends into a culinary journey above the clouds. Picture a tasteful blend of international flavours, delectable dishes, and signature cocktails that elevate your brunch experience. The carefully curated menu features an array of surprises, from the freshness of sushi to the richness of rendang, and the crispiness of deep-fried cauliflower karaage. The LuminAir twist ensures that each dish, be it sandwiches, soups, salads during the day, or the bites at night, carries a unique touch that reflects the spirit of this extraordinary venue. luminair-cocktail.jpg

Sustainable elegance

LuminAir goes beyond the ordinary, embracing sustainability in every detail. From locally sourced products to zero to minimal waste techniques, both the bar and kitchen operate with environmental consciousness. The menu covers crafted from recycled PET bottles and paper made from Dutch roadside grass demonstrate LuminAir's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Event space eclipse: a venue like no other

Adjacent to LuminAir, Eclipse, a VIP event space, offers an equally spectacular view and professional service. With its own cocktail bar and a vast south-facing terrace, Eclipse is the ultimate venue for high-end events, luxury brand launches, creative pop-ups, and decadent parties. Elevate your celebrations with the out-of-this-world experience that Eclipse provides.

See you in the clouds

Whether you seek a laid-back brunch, an exciting evening, or a private celebration, LuminAir surpasses expectations. With its stunning views, innovative cocktails, and sustainable practices, LuminAir stands as the ultimate destination in Amsterdam for a variety of experiences.

Check out the LuminAir Instagram profile and see you in the clouds at LuminAir - "the bar above Amsterdam".

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