Pathé De Munt Amsterdam has been completely renovated!

Pathé De Munt Amsterdam has been completely renovated!


Watch a movie in luxury at the new Pathé De Munt!

Movie fans in Amsterdam can enjoy a whole new cinema experience in the fully renovated Pathé De Munt. The cinema, in the centre of Amsterdam, has a whole new look. At the newly renovated Pathé de Munt, Amsterdammers get the most comfortable cinema experience possible.

A tricky job

The remodelling was a challenge because the cinema is situated at one of the busiest squares in Amsterdam: Muntplein. Remember the two old escalators? These had to be removed and replaced with a single escalator. A tricky job which needed a lot of precision; for a couple of hours there was no tram traffic and bus stops were removed. This all to get the new escalator in at night!

What’s new?

When you walk in, one of the first things you'll notice are the high-tech 55-inch touchscreens where you can buy your ticket. Next to that, there is a huge 7-metre LED screen where you can check out the latest trailers.

Pathé De Munt has also thought about the foodies, the shop offers a large selection of food and drinks. Think fresh fruit, sushi, wraps and fresh vegetables with dips. You can also get your veggie hot dog from the vegetarian butcher or create your own flavour of soda with Coca-Cola Freestyle.

Pathe De Munt Amsterdam

In 2018, Pathé already renovated all the halls, got new comfortable seats and since 2017, they offer 4DX and Dolby Cinema.

What to see?

There is nothing better than watching a movie when it’s cold outside. These are Pathé’s recommendations for December and January:

  • Knives Out – from November 28
  • Jumanji: The Next Level – from December 5
  • Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker – from December 18
  • Jojo Rabbit – from January 2
  • 1917- from January 9
  • Charlie's Angels – from January 9
  • The Grudge – from January 9

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