Netherlands ranked sixth most active country in the world

Netherlands ranked sixth most active country in the world

A new study has revealed that the Netherlands was the sixth most active country in the world during the coronavirus crisis. 

Keeping fit during coronavirus

In a study by athletic brand Reebok, the Netherlands was ranked as one of the most active countries in the world throughout the coronavirus crisis, below the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, India and Germany. 

Reebok’s study was conducted by examining the number of hits on search engines for diet schemes and exercise tips per country between March and June. The Netherlands totalled 39.350 diet hits and 66.500 exercise hits. 

The diet method that seemed to prove the most popular option in the Netherlands was intermittent fasting, which was also the number one choice globally. 

Most popular forms of exercise

The study also examined the most popular forms of exercise in countries around the world. In the Netherlands, the number one choice for keeping fit throughout lockdown was bootcamp classes. Around the world, HIIT proved to be the most popular choice, followed by yoga in second place. 

Source: Reebok

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