Netherlands-based podcasts in English, ideal for expats

Netherlands-based podcasts in English, ideal for expats

Don't miss what they're talking about in the Netherlands! You may have watched all there is to watch on television and Netflix and made yourself almost cross-eyed reading news websites. You may be needing a break from conference calls and Skype group sessions as a way of communicating with the outside world. Try tuning into a local podcast!

Podcasts, based on storytelling in its truest form, bring people closer together. There are so many podcasts to choose from, completely free, in topics as diverse as you can imagine.

Podcasts for expats and internationals in the Netherlands

Here's a selection of podcasts created in the Netherlands in English, which we recommend for expats and internationals:

Dutch News

Dutch News is an English language podcast introducing news and current affairs in the Netherlands in English, aiming to keep everyone, particularly non-Dutch speakers, up to date on what’s happening in the Netherlands.

Listen to coronavirus updates, political debate summaries, lifestyle tips and the quirks of Dutch life. Find episodes to listen to on Soundcloud via the Dutch News website, or listen to Dutch News on Apple Podcasts.

Here in Holland 

Here in Holland is an English language podcast in the Netherlands, sharing “stories to make you laugh and cry”. Initiated and run by British journalist Andy Clark, who has worked for the BBC as well as broadcast stations in the Netherlands and Hong Kong, this dynamic and multi-faceted podcast focuses on the ins and outs of Dutch life.

Here in Holland even shares ways you can start your own podcast! Listen on the Here in Holland website or on Spotify or Apple.

History of the Netherlands 

History of the Netherlands podcast, run by the Republic of Amsterdam Radio, talks about how the country came to be the way it is today. The fact that the hosts describe Amsterdam as “the world’s most influential swamp” will give you an indication of the fun and playful tone of the podcast.

Run by Australians living in Amsterdam who also give tours on the canals, telling tales of the city, they have endless reams of insights. They chronicle different eras in Dutch history, from the Dutch Golden Age to the Second World War. Find it on the Republic of Amsterdam Radio website and listen on Apple, Stitcher, RSS or Spotify.

Broadcast Amsterdam 

Broadcast Amsterdam radio station curates its best bits in the form of podcasts, from interviews with the likes of Extinction Rebellion to culinary talks and film reviews. A number of other podcasts have stemmed from Broadcast Amsterdam and continue to bring varied topics to English-speaking listeners in the Dutch capital - two are included below.

Amsterdam Kitchen

Part of broadcast Amsterdam, Amsterdam Kitchen broadcasts about recipes, cooking trends and insights, vegan cookery, chefs, wine, beer, food and drink bloggers, what it’s like to set up as a caterer and food festivals. It’s thoroughly international, with guest appearances from people from all over the world who have settled in the Netherlands to set up their food-related businesses.

Amsterdam Film Show

Also a constituent of Broadcast Amsterdam, this is just the thing for self-confessed film buffs! On the Amsterdam Film Show, they discuss film releases in the Netherlands and worldwide, documentaries, insights from directors and other professionals from the film industry, Dutch series on Netflix, Netflix originals, movies by Dutch directors as well as international hits and unlocked treasures.

Curious Ears

Hosted by Gaudeamus, Curious Ears is a podcast about music - and sound in general. Musicians and composers from different backgrounds give their take on music that inspires them. Gaudeamus is a Dutch music foundation that pioneers new music, and celebrates up-and-coming composers with its yearly festival.


Check out AmsterDames, where strong Amsterdam-based women are share many topics, from running successful businesses to art to activism. Get to know what women near you are doing and get inspired and empowered!

Find your new favourite podcast and don't miss what's going on in the Netherlands

So there you have it, a list of Dutch-based podcasts in English - and that's not even including the many music podcasts and podcasts for learning Dutch.

Many of us are feeling cut off and listless due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, we can turn to technology to stay connected. Then, why not give podcast listening a go? Tune in and keep in touch with your fellow expats!

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