Ever dreamed of building your own bike lane out of lego?

Ever dreamed of building your own bike lane out of lego?

Father and son team Marcel and Dorus Steeman decided that the humble bicycle deserved more attention, and set out to design their very own LEGO kit that would allow users to build a mini bike lane. 

It seems as though they aren’t the only bike fans out there - earlier this month, their design received the 10.000 votes required in order to be considered by LEGO as a potential future building set!

LEGO Ideas Community: Bike lanes

These days, you can build just about anything with LEGO. From iconic sets from popular films and TV shows, to super detailed models of beloved vehicles such as the VW camper van. And thanks to the user-generated LEGO Ideas community, fans can submit their own designs and ideas for future building sets. 

Marcel and Dorus did just that when they submitted their plan for LEGO bike lanes back in January. Their aim was to develop a set that could be incorporated into a LEGO city, making it bicycle-friendly. 

“With new sets 60304 (Road Plates) and 60306 (Shopping Streets)...Buildable and adjustable roads, bikes and even a cargo bike were introduced. So it's time to add to the next step in mobility: bike lanes that are wide enough to be safe to ride on and wide enough for a cargo bike,” Marcel wrote in the project’s description.

Dutch father-son team find support for LEGO bike lane idea

The plan proved extremely popular, quickly surpassing all the goals set by LEGO. Then, on May 2, Marcel and Dorus managed to meet the most important milestone: 10.000 votes. This means the design will be officially passed on to LEGO for review, where a team of designers and product managers will examine whether the idea meets LEGO standards. 

The review stage starts in May, but it could take up to several months before a final decision is reached. If given the green light by LEGO, the bike lane project will go into the development phase.

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