Leg&Go bike for kids: eight bikes in one

Leg&Go bike for kids: eight bikes in one

A new kickstarter campaign has created a first bicycle for children that can be constantly adjusted to fit youngsters aged from eight months to six years.

Good long-lasting design

The Leg&Go bike can be easily adapted to match the growth of the child. It can be modified into eight different versions ranging from an elephant rocker to a balance bike or tricycle.

With big rubber wheels and a gracefully curved frame of flexible birch plywood, the creators of the Leg&Go describe it as comfortable, safe and unique.

Easy to transform and weighing 3,5 kilograms, the Leg&Go can be disassembled so it can be carried and stored.

Eight in one!

By adding and removing components the Leg&Go can be converted into a variety of styles to suit different ages and abilities. The variations are:

  • The Rocking elephant with a stable frame for babies.
  • The Baby bike has a low seat for babies who are starting to walk.
  • The Balance bike is the foundation model for Leg&Go which can be used for the longest period.
  • The comfort bike is created by rearranging the frame to increase the natural suspension.
  • The Downhill bike has an added footrest and brake for steeper terrain.
  • The Pedal bike features peddles to give kids their first experience of regular cycling.
  • The Tricycle has a wider back axle with two wheels, providing more stability.
  • The Polar bike is currently being developed with ski runners to be used on snow.

The creator behind the Leg&Go 

Egons Garklavs, a Latvian industrial engineer, came up with the idea for a fully-adjustable bike after watching his grandchildren scoot around on balance bikes. These models had a stiff frame and almost no adjustability.

Thinking there must be a way to use the bike for longer before being outgrown, Egons aimed to combine long-lasting use and durability with appealing design in his creation.

Comfort and saftey were also top priorities so, in addition to natural suspension, features include a steering limiter, brakes on the downhill model and a larger front wheel to help navigate bumps and rough terrain.

The kickstarter campaign

The team behind Leg&Go has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and has already secured more than half of their 60.000 dollar goal with more than a month still to go. If they reach this goal then they will produce the first four versions of the bike.

If the campaign reaches its stretch goal of 200.000 dollars then they will be able to develop and produce the components for all eight variations of the Leg&Go bike.

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