IamExpat’s 11 favourite restaurants in Amsterdam

Just who are these people who supply the expats of the Netherlands with daily tips on living with the Dutch, and more importantly, what do they like to eat?

The IamExpat team lifts the veil on their personal culinary tastes to let you know which restaurants in Amsterdam you should really give a try!

Our favourite restaurants

Here are our favourite restaurants in Amsterdam, as described by everyone at IamExpat:

Beatrice, editor

I moved from Melbourne to Amsterdam in 2009, and have gradually fallen in love with life in the Netherlands. Speaking Dutch makes a big difference!

Pazzi Pizza

Pazzi Pizza in Oud-West and the Jordaan probably makes the best pizza in Amsterdam and, being married to an Italian, I like to think I know good pizza.

The bases are the real deal; proper pizza dough baked in a wood-fired oven so it’s thin and crunchy (Roma style), legit toppings and always excellent quality. We’ve even had friends from Southern Italy say it was better than what they could find back home!

Kiri, editor

I had a multi-cultural upbringing, being born in the Netherlands, into an Irish-American family. I feel more British, though, since I spent most of my life living in London, and before that I attended British schools.


I love a small family-owned Greek deli called Mitsos. I go there all the time because it’s cheap, it’s delicious and close to my flat. I adore the family-owned vibe; the chef is Greek, married to a Dutch lady who manages the shop, with the help of their two daughters.

The food really does taste like it’s been cooked with Mediterranean care, and may as well have been teleported to the Netherlands from a restaurant in Greece.

Sergios, co-founder

I’m Greek, living the expat life! I’m not a big restaurant-goer, but there is one place I’d like to mention.

Cannibale Royale

Cannibale Royale has good food, a nice, somewhat dark atmosphere, and it is open until the late hours. The latter reminds me a bit of how we eat in Greece - there is always something open until late at night.

Mary, account manager

I was born in Armenia and raised in Moscow, Russia. I moved to the Netherlands in 2014 to study, experience a different culture and meet new people. 

De Hallen

De Hallen (The Food Halls) is a relaxed place with different types of food from all over the world. It’s an excellent place to meet up with friends for some drinks and food after work.

Nikos, co-founder

I’m not sure what to write about myself, other than that I’m from Greece. Can I just recommend two good restaurants, instead?

- Loetje

Loetje has the best schnitzel in town at the best price. The restaurant has a homey feel with nice and fast service.

- Bazaar

Bazaar offers cuisine with flavours from North Africa and the Middle East. It’s located in a great spot in the city, right inside a former church.

Joana, account manager

I am half French and half Brazilian, and I have never lived in one place for longer than four years. So, naturally, I love to try new things.

Toko Kokkita

My experience as an expat in Amsterdam is still pretty limited, but I did discover a great Indonesian treasure. Toko Kokkita is a takeaway restaurant with delicious food. If you like spicy food, this is the place for you. There's always a long queue though, because it's so popular.

Emi, sales

I moved here from Japan a few years ago. I’m very careful with what I eat, especially now that I have a young son, so we don’t eat out much. However, I do remember a restaurant my husband and I loved to visit before the little one was born.

Kebec Microbakery

Kebec Microbakery bakes delicious pizzas in a beautiful wood-fired oven, made from recycled materials. Made with care, with mindfully selected ingredients, their food will warm your body and mind on a cold winter's day for an agreeable price.

Panos, co-founder

I’m from Greece, and as an expat in the Netherlands I really enjoy the short distances, biking, the international environment, the overall quality of life and the unique experience of starting up and developing IamExpat!

De School Restaurant

I have only been to De School Restaurant once, but it definitely struck me as something special with its excellent service, delicious food, easy-going atmosphere and very simple, yet industrial decorations.

Manja, editor

I am 100 percent Dutch, so not an expat. I am familiar with the expat life though, since I have lived and studied in the UK for three years.


Located at the NDSM wharf, Pllek has great panoramic views of the city. In the summer, you can sit outside and relax at the restaurant’s own beach.

The interior is pretty fab as well. Since the restaurant is located inside a warehouse, it has a cool industrial look and feel. Oh, and the food is pretty yummy too!

Sofia, web project manager

I was born and raised in Greece, but I decided to move in the Netherlands one year ago. I enjoy meeting new people from all around the world and discovering similarities and differences.


Tolhuistuin is located in the Noord, in an old canteen of the Shell building (1941). It has a really enjoyable atmosphere, and the staff is very polite and friendly.

The menu has a good range of dishes with a tapas-like concept. I highly recommend it, and the wine is very good as well.

Alexandra, editor

I was raised with a mix of Dutch and British culture, with some Japanese influences via my grandmother, thanks to whom I love good Japanese food that isn’t necessarily sushi.


The Ramen-ya on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal has a great atmosphere, and they serve tasty ramen noodles. There are some other ramen restaurants in Amsterdam as well, and I’m dying to try all of them out.

For bonus points, I’d like to point out Japanese Pancake World, where you can get pretty good okonomiyaki, and Taka Japanese Kitchen, a small and authentic one-man Japanese street food eatery.

Do you have a favourite restaurant in Amsterdam? Let us know in the comments below!

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