This is what the Netherlands Googled in 2020

This is what the Netherlands Googled in 2020

It should come as no surprise, really, that the coronavirus pandemic dominated Google searches in the Netherlands over the past 12 months. But it might be easy to forget that coronavirus isn't the only thing that happened this year - there’s lots and lots to look back on. Everything from Tiger King, to cornflakes, to how to make slime.

Thanks to Google, let's take a look at the top searches in the Netherlands from 2020. 

Google trends in the Netherlands in 2020

No prizes if you can guess that most of the top searches have something to do with the outbreak of coronavirus in the Netherlands. “Coronavirus” and “RIVM” topped the Dutch search queries this year, followed by “US elections” and then, of course “coronavirus the Netherlands.” 

Other big trends from the past 12 months include the Oscar-nominated (and winning) movies Parasite and 1917, as well as the Netflix series that premiered back in the spring and took over the world as everyone sat at home in lockdown - Tiger King dominated social media and practically all conversations for a few weeks, before everyone seemed to forget about it and move onto the next big thing. 

The people of the Netherlands were also looking for some fun and new things that they could cook and while they were at home, with the questions “how do you make French toast” and “how do you make ice coffee” both making it into the top five Googled questions. Recipes that people searched for included, of course, bread (remember when everyone was baking banana bread and sourdough?), asparagus, and gnocchi.

This is what the Netherlands Googled

The world was turned upside down this year, and people turned to the world's number one search engine for answers and information. This is what the Netherlands Googled in 2020.

Top 10 search queries: 

  1. Coronavirus
  2. RIVM
  3. US Elections (Verkiezingen Amerika)
  4. Coronavirus Nederland
  5. Snappet
  6. Kobe Bryant
  7. Fred van Leer
  8. iPhone 12
  9. Corona Dashboard
  10. Joe Biden

The most asked questions

  • Why were cornflakes invented? (Waarom zijn cornflakes uitgevonden?)
  • Why are we hoarding toilet paper? (Waarom hamsteren we WC-papier?)
  • What is a lockdown? (Wat is een lockdown?)
  • What is a pandemic? (Wat is een pandemie?)
  • How do you make a face mask? (Hoe maak je een mondkapje?)
  • How do you make slime? (Hoe maak je slijm?)
  • What is transgender? (Wat is transgender?)
  • Why was George Floyd arrested? (Waarom werd George Floyd gearresteerd?)
  • What is Tik Tok? (Wat is Tik Tok?)

Google's 2020 Year in Search

Want to know more about 2020's biggest trends, or what the people in your home country were Googling? Visit the Google Trends website, or check out their Year in Search video for the past 12 months:

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