With help like this you’re investing in quality of living

With help like this you’re investing in quality of living


While hiring a cleaner might feel decadent, like a privilege, it’s not. It’s a legit choice. Spring and summer are around the corner, and regulations are likely to be lifted soon, so it’s time to step outside. However, lack of time is exactly what’s holding us back from living our lives.

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Household chores, like keeping your home fresh and hygienic, aren’t completing themselves. Enter: Helpling. This top-notch marketplace for household services can help you find a freelance domestic cleaner in your own neighbourhood. Money well-spent, time well-earned.

What is Helpling?

Helpling is an easy-to-use online platform where cleaners and customers can find each other. This means that it's not a cleaning company, but a matchmaker. Via the Helpling app and website, you can book a local cleaner in just a few clicks. Did you know that 95% of people looking for a cleaner finds one within a day? You can select cleaners that suit your needs, budget, wishes, and of course your calendar. 

How do you find the perfect cleaner?

Every cleaner has their own profile with their hourly price, the number of cleans they’ve done, if they wear gloves and / or masks and reviews written by customers. Based on this, you can decide who you would want to welcome into your home!

  1. Go to Helpling or the app store to download the app, here you’ll find an easy overview of appointments, invoices, and you can create a booking.
  2. The first step is to enter your zip code. Based on that, you’ll find cleaners in your neighbourhood.
  3. Choose how often you need a cleaner, such as every week, every fortnight or even just once.
  4. Add your preferred date, time and how long you’ll need the cleaner to stay.
  5. Now, you’ll have the option to send a request to top-rated cleaners or select cleaners in your area yourself!


How to manage your appointments?

Managing your appointments is easy. If you want to add, reschedule or cancel a booking, you can easily arrange this yourself via the Helpling app. You can also contact your cleaner through the app via the built-in chat.

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