Genre De Vie

In the past few years a growing number of cities worldwide have been (re)discovering the use of the bicycle. Sustainability plays a large role in the motivation behind the revival of the bicycle and takes on different challenges, placing itself in a new and relevant social position.

The question then remains whether or not the revitalisation and new positioning of the bicycle could contribute to the livability of society.

The documentary Genre De Vie (Sven Prince and Jorrit Spoelstra) researches the present effects of this form of transport and the lifestyle that is attached to it through research into already existing initiatives that play a crucial role in the revitalisation of the bicycle.

By taking a global perspective the documentary makers form a clear view on the transformation of cities and urban living, as well as on the effects of the bicycle, from a socio-cultural standing point, within which the individual is central.

Genre De Vie is a documentary that focuses mainly on city’s that already promote a pro bicycle lifestyle, and will be funded by the public (crowdfunded).



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