The 11 funniest Dutch memes

The 11 funniest Dutch memes

No matter what aspect of life in the Netherlands (or just life in general) you think of, chances are there’s a meme that goes with it. Everything from struggling to choke out the harsh “g” sound, to the Dutch love of paracetamol - here’s your guide to navigating the world of Nederlandse memes.

The relatable Dutch choking meme

Anyone who’s trying to learn Dutch or has been on a Dutch course is very familiar with exactly how difficult it can be to pronounce the Dutch “g” sound:

The struggling with Dutch meme

And once you’ve finally worked up the confidence to put your Dutch (and that terrifying “g” sound) to use in the real world, you’ve probably come across at least one native speaker who managed to derail your attempts:

The infamous Dutch flag meme

We all know the Dutch love a good bargain:

The learning Dutch with Drake meme

Is gezellig the best word in the Dutch language? Yes. Undoubtedly. 100 percent:

That’s not a tree, that’s clearly a boom meme

You could of course be boring and call it a tree, but whether it’s a willow, an evergreen, or an oak, the Dutch will call it a boom:

Memes about the Dutch language…

You've probably noticed that Dutch isn't the most poetic or romantic of languages:

...And memes about the Dutch people

If you've never found yourself at a traditional Dutch (birthday) party, then you're definitely missing out:

Memes about the Dutch healthcare system

Laughter is, of course, the best medicine. But when all else fails, you can always rely on the number one cure-all of the Dutch healthcare system:

Enjoy one of the many, many memes about cycling and bikes

The Dutch love of cycling is renowned around the world - so naturally there are memes about that too:

Or combine bike memes with Dutch weather memes

Maybe if you laugh at how awful it feels to cycle in the rain, it might make your morning commute to your job or school just that little bit more bearable:

Missing tasty food? Cheer yourself up with Dutch food memes

Of course, the Netherlands is known for all the delicious traditional Dutch food:

Have fun and enjoy the best Nederlandse memes

There’s so much to get to grips with when moving to the Netherlands, but it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom (like the weather). Have fun while also learning more about - and poking fun at - the Dutch culture and language.

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