Europe’s longest pedestrian and cyclist bridge opens in Groningen

Europe’s longest pedestrian and cyclist bridge opens in Groningen

It’s been a busy couple of months for Groningen: first, the newly completed Forum Groningen was named the best building in the Netherlands (before being nominated as one of the country’s best libraries), and then the city was named the healthiest city in the Netherlands

Now, to add to this long and impressive list of achievements, Groningen has become the home of the longest pedestrian and cyclist bridge in Europe!

The Pieter Smitbrug in Groningen

Named after a former local mayor, the Pieter Smitbrug is 3,5 metres wide and 800 metres long, connecting the city of Winschoten and the village of Blauwestad. The bridge crosses over the Winschoterdiep canal, the Oldambtmeer lake, and the A7 motorway.

The bridge was officially opened on February 1, and while the municipality had initially hoped to hold a large event, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic meant that this was sadly not possible. However, a video was made to mark the occasion. 

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