Eat to Meet: hungry for adventure

Eat to Meet: hungry for adventure


Eat to Meet is a website that brings people from all over the world together at tables of six in restaurants in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Barcelona.

You can get together based on similar interests, or just because you want to meet new people and enjoy nice food. It was set up with the fact in mind that expats often are hesitant to have dinner with someone they don’t know.

It’s a barrier that is easier to overcome by using Eat to Meet, because it makes sure that there are other people at the table who are also looking to meet new people.

Eat to Meet already has more than a thousand users from all over the world!

Organising a dinner on Eat to Meet

Organising a dinner on Eat to Meet is very simple: you can start your own tables based on a certain theme you’re interested in and Eat to Meet provides a list of restaurants to choose from.

This has resulted in some really nice and successful dinners - check out these reviews for inspiration - and the goal is to get users to do this a lot more in the future, so they can start up their own communities!

Eat to Meet table

Eat to Meet

The advantage for organisers is that to start a table they don’t have to arrange it themselves by calling, they just have to pick a restaurant from a list where great menu deals are already there.

Useful links

To see upcoming dinners and read reviews on past dinners you can go to You can also:
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