Dutch TV shows to binge-watch on Netflix during quarantine

Dutch TV shows to binge-watch on Netflix during quarantine

It's likely that your routine has changed beyond recognition in the wake of the coronavirus measures, and many things you usually do are temporarily off-limits. Cinemas are closed, the bars you visit with your usual friends are out of bounds and the days and nights are long. You may even be missing your Dutch lessons.

Looking for something different to watch during your time at home during the quarantine? We’ve put together a selection of Dutch series on Netflix that are ideal for working on your Dutch while stuck at home – and, of course, they’ll keep you entertained too!

Dutch TV series with English subtitles on Netflix

Here are some current TV series in Dutch on Netflix with English subtitles:


Ares is a horror fiction series about a university student who has her goals set on becoming a member of the Amsterdam elite. Rosa, an ambitious medical student, joins a university society in Amsterdam only to discover that there are darker secrets to the society than meet the eye. It is recommended for those who like the horror genre, and more specifically, the supernatural and occult variety. 


The Dutch crime drama Fenix is an eight-part series that explores the dilemmas of a detective in a small village. Two Brabant-natives return to their families and face their difficult pasts. The increasing war between two violent local drug gangs means their lives are now intertwined as they get sucked into the criminal underworld. This time, escape may not be an option.

Tabula Rasa

This nine-part psychological drama follows the woes of a young female psychiatric patient. Mie, who has amnesia, doesn’t recall how she was admitted to the secure psychiatric unit or how she can get out. She is the missing link in a mysterious missing persons case and until her memories of the disappearance return to her, her chances of being released are slim.


This Dutch-Belgian crime series possesses a hint of dark comedy. The plot is inspired by real events involving a drug kingpin in Limburg on the Dutch-Belgian border. The Belgian Federal Police track down a Dutch criminal who spends his weekends in a humble chalet on a campsite and is so elusive that Dutch and Belgian police forces team-up. They send their top agents - one male, one female - to go undercover as holidaymakers at the campsite, to infiltrate the criminal activity.

Thieves of the Wood

This historical drama series is in Dutch / Flemish, with some French and German, so international viewers are sure to be glad about the English subtitles. Set in Aalst, in what is now Belgium, it’s based on the life of an outlaw and his followers, from the 1957 novel "De Bende van Jan de Licht" (Jan de Licht's Gang). Set in the 18th century, around the time of the Austrian Succession. Jan de Licht is a defiant highwayman who defends the oppressed poor - essentially a Flemish version of Robin Hood.

Watch some TV series in Dutch

So, there's plenty to do to help you brush up on your Dutch while in quarantine, or simply be entertained with all that extra time on your hands. You can also check out the 5 best films on Netflix for learning Dutch as well as the 5 films that we recommended during the festive season! Enjoy!

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