[Video] Dutch historian has the last word in a viral unaired Fox News interview

[Video] Dutch historian has the last word in a viral unaired Fox News interview

In an unaired Fox News interview, Dutch historian Rutger Bregman brings forth the inexcusable fact that the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes. When certain inconvenient truths about Fox News are brought up by the Dutchman, the conversation becomes too confronting for the interviewer who resorts to insults and profanity.

Inconvenient truths trigger a defensive response

Rutger Bregman, in conversation with Tucker Carlson from Fox News, points out that many rich individuals and organisations have evaded taxes, and he mentions that the interviewer, Tucker Carlson, is “a millionaire paid by billionaires”, which clearly triggers Carlson and leads him to swear at Bregman, calling him a “tiny brain” and a “moron” and telling him that he’s annoying.

Bregman remains calm and dignified throughout. In fact, he chuckles, bemused with the situation, and asks the rhetorical question “You can’t handle criticism can you?”

Bregman's Davos talk led to him being invited to talk on Fox News

Rutger Bregman was specially invited on Fox News following a memorable talk he gave at Davos as a panel member, stating how alarming it is, not only that the rich don’t pay enough taxes, but that billionaires flew in on private jets to Davos, where Sir David Attenborough was giving talks about climate change and the detrimental impact our carbon footprints are having on our environment.

Bregman declares that instead of discussing about philanthropy, the rich should talk about “taxes, taxes, taxes,” a topic that sounds obvious to the average person, but is rarely, if ever, raised or discussed in the public sphere amongst the rich.

The video has gone viral worldwide.

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