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There are so many successful women in Amsterdam that the CRAVE community decided to make a book about them.

"Men enjoy a lot of recognition already. For a woman to be in business and make it... I think that is amazing," explains Cristina Stoian, CRAVE Amsterdam's Project Manager.

CRAVE Amsterdam is a community where innovative and hardworking women can exchange ideas, share difficulties and socialise. In September 2010, the community released "CRAVE Amsterdam: The Urban Girl's Manifesto" a book presenting 150 women and their entrepreneurial business. Cristina Stoian says that the book should not only be seen as a unique guidebook but also as an inspiration for future business women.

CRAVE also makes it possible for both international and Dutch entrepreneurs to gather on a monthly basis and discuss during the so called CRAVE Chats; last month's topic was KISS (Keep it Simple Sister).

This unique initiative started in Seattle but it was Melody Biringer's (founder) love for Amsterdam that brought CRAVE to Europe and the Netherlands. 

crave amsterdam

At the moment, CRAVE can be found in 26 cities - 24 in USA and 2 in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and The Hague) - and the plan is to create CRAVE communities in 100 cities around the world in the near future.

CRAVE Amsterdam's next book will be published in 1,5 years. More information about Crave can be found here.

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