Breda Museum boasts important painting

This week, Breda Museum acquired a panoramic painting of the town. Dating from 1518, this is the earliest known depiction of Breda.

About the painting

The painting is entitled "Christ and the Samaritan Woman at the City of Breda". As well as religious figures, the piece also depicts a detailed view of Breda, including its medieval walls, the Grote Kerk and the town's castle.

The Museum has praised the picture's architectural accuracy and detail, claiming it as "undoubtedly the oldest example" of artistic depictions of the town.

Important discovery

Experts estimate the work was created between 1518 and 1520. The piece is likely only a fragment of what was once a triptych - but it is still enough to get experts excited.

In an official statement, the Museum has claimed this as "the largest and most important cultural and historical find in Breda for many years."

The painting was probably created by one or more anonymous artist(s) in Antwerp, possibly on commission from local church wardens.

Museum staff are currently working with researchers from the Netherlands Institute for Art History in The Hague, in order to uncover more about its origins and history.

Source: Volkskrant.
Cover image provided by the Breda Museum.

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