Board the night train to Prague…or Venice, or Milan, or Vienna

Board the night train to Prague…or Venice, or Milan, or Vienna

Train connectivity between the Netherlands and major European cities had improved significantly over the past few months; the direct Eurostar route between Amsterdam and London launched last October, the night train to Vienna launched in May, the night train to Zurich will launch this winter, and in April a Dutch start-up announced plans to launch a night train to Prague.

Now, there's even more to look forward to, as Green City Trip has announced new routes connecting Dutch cities with Prague, Milan, Venice, Verona, Innsbruck, and Milan, which will launch this autumn.

Travel across Europe in style (while you sleep!)

Board the train in Breda - or Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, or Arnhem - on October 15, and wake up the next morning in Prague. More interested in a trip to Italy? Well, once the train returns to the Netherlands, it will depart for Venice on October 19, stopping off at Innsbruck and Verona along the way.

Green City Trip is also launching routes that will take travellers through Innsbruck to Milan or to Vienna. Next spring, additional routes could be announced, offering destinations such as Krakow, Copenhagen, and Budapest. 

Night train services from the Netherlands to Prague, Venice, Milan, and Vienna

  • Breda to Prague: October 15 and 23; November 25; December 9 and 20; January 6; February 3, 18, and 26; March 10.
  • Breda to Venice: October 19; November 11; January 2, 13, and 27; February 11.
  • Breda to Milan: November 4; December 27; January 20; February 22.
  • Breda to Vienna: November 18; December 2 and 16; March 2.

Expanding sustainable travel options in Europe

“We have long wanted to offer sustainable travel as well. Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, we have been working seriously on this,” say Maarten Bastian and Hessel Winkelman, the initiators behind these new routes. 

Tickets have already gone on sale, and Bastian promises the routes will run - as long as negative travel advice doesn’t get in the way. But, if that happens, ticketholders have been assured they will receive a full refund.

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