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Visitors headed to Scheveningen, the Netherlands' most popular beach, can get there quickly and cheaply by taking the Beach Express (Strand Express). This special express tram is available only on Sundays and takes passengers from the Park & Ride (P+R) Hoornwijck directly to Scheveningen, allowing you to avoid traffic jams and save money on parking fees.

Leaving your car at the P+R Hoornwijck for an entire day, plus a round trip on the Beach Express, costs just 2 euros for up to four people. On other days of the week, riders can take the Binnenstad Express to the city centre and then switch to Tram 1, 9 or 11 to get to the beach.

The Beach Express operates every Sunday during the beach season (until September 16). You first park your car at the P+R Hoornwijck in Ypenburg and then take Tram 5, which departs every 10 minutes for Scheveningen (the last stop is Zwarte Pad). The journey takes approximately 30 minutes. You also have to option of getting off the tram along the route, for example at Madurodam, and continuing the journey on to Scheveningen later on the same line.

If you want to head to the city, the Binnenstad Express (Tram 15) also departs from the P+R Hoornwijck to The Hague's city centre every 13 minutes during the day. The last tram from the centre to the P&R is at 12.30am. Parking plus tram tickets cost 2 euros for 4 people during the weekend and from 5pm - 7am during the week. From 7am - 5pm on weekdays it costs 4 euros.

P+R Hoornwijck is open 24 hours a day. A parking ticket, including tram tickets for up to 4 people, costs 2 euros during the weekend. The unlimited day ticket is valid on all HTM tram and bus lines. Any additional people would pay the normal rate. You can also leave your car in the car park for more days for an additional fee.

 You can find the departure times for the Beach Express (Tram 5) on

Address P+R Hoornwijck
Laan van Hoornwijck 55
2289 DG The Hague

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