[Video] Ballet dancers in the quiet streets of Amsterdam

[Video] Ballet dancers in the quiet streets of Amsterdam

Gently Quiet is a brand-new choreography by the Dutch National Ballet, filmed in the quiet streets of Amsterdam during the coronavirus pandemic, when would-be passers-by were safe at home. It’s not every day a world premiere can be viewed from the comfort of home by anyone, anywhere.

11 different dances in quiet Amsterdam

Choreographed by Peter Leung and filmed by Altin Kaftira, Gently Quiet is a series of 11 short videos of dancers at quiet locations in Amsterdam. This video is a compilation of all 11 dances. Each of the dances will be released in separate videos one-by-one over the coming weeks.

Keep on singing and dancing

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Dutch National Opera and Ballet released Keep on Singing and Dancing, a set of online activities, videos, games, quizzes, challenges and documentaries for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in ballet and opera during the days of social distancing.

Thumb: Dutch National Ballet

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