ArtRoom: experience private concerts in your own home

ArtRoom: experience private concerts in your own home


Discover ArtRoom, where you can book a private concert in your own home and treat your guests to a unique experience.

Host private concerts in your own home

Experience a rare musical occasion: with ArtRoom, you can organise an intimate private concert for you and your guests in the comfort of your own home, or at a venue of your choice.

Choose from around 100 different artists who perform classical, jazz and folk / world music, as soloists, duos or small ensembles, starting at 100 euros per artist. 

The ArtRoom experience

Imagine sitting on the couch, squeezed in between close friends, sipping red wine and listening to a young violin and cello duet. Picture yourself at close quarters with musicians and their music, not in a concert hall but in your very own living room.

Visualise you and your guests witnessing that moment of intense concentration when the players look into each other’s eyes to acknowledge that valuable split second before their music starts, the little drop of sweat running down the violinist’s temple, their fingers clutching the strings, the tap of the rhythm of the cellist’s left foot, glancing at each other as they play a melody from their native country...

That is the chamber music experience ArtRoom wants to bring to everyone. It's a truly intimate affair, witnessing the performance from up close, surrounded by friends, but also having the opportunity to discuss the music with the artists over a drink afterwards. The typical ArtRoom concert is a set of two sessions of 20 minutes each with varied programming, appealing to a wide audience, not just die-hard music lovers.

ArtRoom concert

How ArtRoom works

Hosts can browse the artists in the online database, search and filter by instrument, ensemble type or genre. Artist quality and style can be determined by reviews as well as portfolios consisting of video and audio material. If you have trouble choosing, let ArtRoom help you with their artist recommendations. You can book artists starting at 100 euros per artist.

Upon choosing the artist, hosts can reach out to schedule concerts via the platform. ArtRoom handles the payments, protecting hosts from no-shows and other risks. Artists bring everything they need - their instruments, of course, with the exception of pianos!

A concert could consist of classical, jazz, folk music, or a surprising mix of styles. The ArtRoom folk selection currently includes Portuguese fado, Indian fusion, Chinese folk and gipsy Balkan. All music is well suited to living rooms – but you are free to contact artists about performances in different settings as well, for example in the workplace or at a party.

About ArtRoom

ArtRoom is a mission-driven startup focused on connecting artists with hosts. Their mission is to expose more people to live music by bringing it to them in innovative forms. Meanwhile, they also strive to provide a fair remuneration for the artists.  

ArtRoom was founded by Alexandra Groot, who is currently an MBA student at Harvard Business School. ArtRoom operates not only in the Netherlands, but also in Boston, USA. 

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