[Video] Amsterdam surrounded by mountains...what might that look like?

[Video] Amsterdam surrounded by mountains...what might that look like?

The Netherlands is of course known for, among other things, being notoriously flat: without hills or mountains, the vast majority of the country lies well below sea level. And while many inhabitants of the country love it in spite of - or indeed, because of - its flatness, others are less enthusiastic. 

Amsterdam Mountains

If you’re someone who prefers a landscape of rolling hills or staggering mountains, then this video might be for you! Graphic designer and artist Hessel Stuut decided to imagine what Amsterdam might look like if it lay nestled between imposing mountains. 

You’ll spot all the famous sites of the city, but they definitely look a little different. Stuut filmed the footage over the summer of 2020 because the coronavirus pandemic meant there was limited air traffic, making it easier to use the clear blue sky as a green screen - or a blue screen!

If, now that you’ve seen how beautiful Amsterdam would be with a mountainous backdrop, you can’t bear to face the real city, then you’re in luck! Stuut has a webshop where you can buy prints of the so-called Amsterdam mountains. And if Amsterdam isn’t your favourite Dutch city, then don’t worry, as Stuut told Het Parool he was considering making this a series and creating similar videos and prints of other cities.

Victoria Séveno


Victoria Séveno

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