Amsterdam in top European shopping cities

Amsterdam has been ranked as one of the top European cities for shopping, according to the Globe Shopper City Index, the world's first detailed international shopping index.

The Globe Shopper City Index: Europe enables the comparison of 33 major European cities according to their shopping advantages and disadvantages, as well as a dynamic ranking of criteria according to personal user preferences.

Europe is considered by many to be the world’s leading region for luxury shopping. The 33 cities on the index were chosen for their geographic diversity, the strength of their economy and their popularity as a travel destination.

Each city is rated for five categories important to travellers (below) and these categories are, in turn, broken down into key indicators - the shopping priorities:

- Malls & Boutiques
- International brands
- Seasonal sales
- Genuine (as opposed to counterfeit) goods

- Shopper favourites
- Dining
- Hotels
- City transport
- Exchange-rate stability

- Use of foreign languages
- Shopping hours
- Price negotiation
- Safety

 Hotels & Transport
- Quality hotels
- Airports & flights
- Convenient transport to city centre
- Dependable city transport

 Culture & Climate
- Attractions & UNESCO sites
- International cuisine
- Popular events
- Strictness of visa regulations
- Agreeability of climate

› Madrid
 Edinburgh & Kiev
 St. Petersburg

For more information check the Globe Shopper City Index: Europe
The index was created by the Custom Research division of Economist Intelligence Unit and is sponsored by Global Blue.



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