Albert Heijn branches out: Meal delivery service in Amsterdam

Albert Heijn branches out: Meal delivery service in Amsterdam

You heard right, Albert Heijn will now be delivering hot meals to your doorstep! The service, launched in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam on January 11, features meals based on the Albert Heijn’s Allerhande magazine and website, which is full of tasty recipes.

Dutch supermarket meals delivered to your door

Meals will be prepared by a team, the so-called “Allerhande Kookt” team, in the west of Amsterdam under the supervision of a chef. They will then be delivered by and Deliveroo in 30 minutes or less.

All the meals consist of a minimum of 200g of vegetables and customers can complement mains with salads, drinks and desserts. What’s good about the services is that there is a great range of meals to choose from, from sushi to hutspot. So, no need to order from separate places if your partner fancies one thing whilst you would rather eat something else.

The prices aren’t much to complain about either, with a classic Flammkuchen made with bacon bits and onion coming in at 7,50 euros, a green salad at 3,50 and mushroom risotto at 10 euros. The most expensive dish is 20 pieces of sushi, totalling 17,50 euros.

Not available for the whole of Amsterdam

Currently, people living in a three-kilometre radius from the Albert Heijn’s kitchen in Amsterdam West will be able to sample the goods. So, basically anyone living in the centre, south, and west of Amsterdam, including Geuzenveld, Osdorp, Slotervaart.

This is the standard radius that delivery services use to ensure that meals are still hot when they reach the customer. According to a spokesperson from the Albert Heijn, there are ideas regarding different locations, which would mean a need for new kitchen premises. However, first the Albert Heijn wants to gain experience via its Amsterdam venture.

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