7 of the best concept shops in Amsterdam

7 of the best concept shops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a great shopping scene with everything from affordable clothing brands to the biggest brand names the fashion industry has to offer. However, there are a lot of interesting concept shops, which are an innovative take on traditional physical stores. Concept stores are places where curators and retailers can sell specific products and services that all relate back to a specific theme or concept.

The concept stores to check out in Amsterdam

Here are seven of the best concept stores to visit and explore in Amsterdam.

1. X Bank

X Bank is the place to discover Dutch art, fashion, and design. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, this store is great to explore established and new Dutch artists and designers. The store has a great blend of fashion, installations, art pieces, beauty, design and much more while giving the whole place a department store feel. X Bank also frequently hosts exhibitions, parties, talks and fashion shows.


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2. CP

Placed in one of the most famous museum streets in the city that is easily accessible via public transportation, CP offers an excellent selection of contemporary fashion. The store has a wide and eclectic variety of clothes, shoes and handbags which are carefully curated, making people continuously come back for more. It also has a delicious café in the store so you can enjoy a coffee and breakfast while shopping.


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3. Pluk

Pluk is the ideal crossover between a gift shop and an Instagram café. This gorgeous store is nestled in the famous Nine Streets shopping district and it has lovely, warm interiors - all of which are on sale! Enjoy delicious, healthy Dutch snacks while buying picturesque interior design pieces and home goods that make for a great gift either for you or a loved one!

4. Sukha

This natural and cosy shop is perfect for gorgeous yet practical items. The products are usually sourced locally and have everything from fashion to home goods. Sukha means “joy of life” in Sanskrit, and shopping here will certainly bring you joy. The shop focuses on environmentally friendly products and offers a selection of new to established brands.

5. Cottoncake

Cottoncake is a charming shop with minimalist tones throughout the store. The store offers fashion, footwear, and accessories from European designers and beyond. There is also stunning artwork in the store that changes frequently, making each visit also feel like an art exhibition, and each artwork also has prints available. Lastly, in the back of Cottoncake there is a lovely café with cakes and coffee.

6. All The Luck In The World

All The Luck In The World has a few locations around Amsterdam and the brand offers a mix of vintage and new products with a wide inventory of furniture, home goods, stationery, jewellery, and much more. The store focuses on vintage pieces that are applicable to modern-day settings, which can luckily be explored with a delicious cup of coffee from the store café.

7. Circle of Trust

This store started in 2005, and it has been growing ever since. Circle of Trust has everything from lifestyle products, skincare, vintage and contemporary pieces, furniture, fashion, and plants. The store caters to creating unique pieces for men, women and children, with affordable pricing.

Visit one of these many incredible shops today!

These are just some of the marvellous concept shops in Amsterdam, and if you’ve more to add, please leave a comment below!

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