5 of the best ice rinks in the Netherlands

5 of the best ice rinks in the Netherlands

Skating season is upon us! The canals haven’t frozen yet, so where can you go to whizz across the ice and impress your friends, or fall on your backside, as many of us undoubtedly will do? Take a look at our pick of some of the best ice rinks in the Netherlands!

Our top 5 Dutch ice rinks

The following are our top 5 ice rinks in the Netherlands, in no particular order.

1. Jaap Eden baan – Amsterdam

The Jaap Eden baan is located in the east of Amsterdam, in the Watergraafsmeer area. It gets its name from the famous Dutch athlete Jaap Eden, who is the only male athlete to win world championships in both speed skating and cycling.

At this ice rink, you have the choice of skating outdoors or indoors. Venue opening times differ daily, so it’s best to check the website (in Dutch). You’ll be surprised at how little entry prices are too, at just 7,70 for adults.

And these prices are even lower, at 7,10 euros per adult, if you decide to go disco skating at the Jaap Eden baan on Saturday night. Disco skating happens every Saturday night, but if you want to go you need to get there on time and have your E-ticket at the ready, as only 300 visitors will be let in. This fun skating event starts at 9pm and goes on until 23:30pm.

Don’t have your own skates? You can rent a pair at the rink for as little as 6 euros per day. After you’ve finished skating, warm yourself up with a drink and hot meal and sit by the fire at café JAAP. The café also has a great collection of Jaap Eden’s things, such as the skates he used when he became world champion in 1893.

2. Thialf – Heerenveen

If you are a fan of speed skating, you will have probably heard of the Thialf. After all, it is pretty much the most important ice stadium for skating athletes in the country. In 1855, the Thialf outdoor natural ice rink was constructed, becoming one of the first ice clubs in the Netherlands. From 1890, international competitions were organised on the outdoor rink.

In 1967, the ice stadium was opened and in 1986, it got a roof and became the second roofed ice stadium in the world. Annually, it hosts two Speed Skating World Cup events. Impressed? Want to skate there? Entry costs 8,50 euros and skates rental is 7,50 euros.

Opening times differ per date, so it’s a good idea to check their website (in Dutch) to see when you can skate there. All skated out? Café Het Klunplak is right next to the rink, so pop on over to warm up your fingers and stomach, or head on over to Brasserie de Butenbocht for something homemade and locally sourced.

3. Schaatsbaan Rotterdam – Rotterdam

Head on over to Schaatsbaan Rotterdam if you are a fan of ice-skating and rainbow lights. At the 400-metre rink in Rotterdam, you can glide over the ice and enjoy the overhead rainbow lighting from Friday to Sunday at 4pm till 10pm. The rink has pretty long opening hours; open from 9am to 10pm every day, apart from on Sunday, when the rink opens an hour earlier, so plenty of time to get your skate on.

Skating will only cost you 6,75 euros. And renting skates won’t leave you out of pocket either, with prices ranging from 6 to 7 euros, depending on the kind you want. Good to mention here, the rink is completely cashless, so order your tickets and reserve your skates online or bring your bank card with you.

Want to try something different? The rink also holds several events, such as a silent disco skate with tunes from DJs. Can’t wait for an event? You can also opt for special packages, as long as you have a large group of people. Did we hear someone say, “next work event”?

4. IceFun Sportiom – Den Bosch

IceFun Sportiom is a recreational skaters paradise, skate uphill, go through caves and get back via a slope. Sometimes, it even snows! Sounds good? Travel to Victorialaan 10 in Den Bosch to experience it all. Adult entry costs 8 euros and hiring skates is only 6 euros.

Opening times differ throughout the week, so it’s best to check on the website (in Dutch) what time IceFun Sportiom is open the day you want to go. Of course, if you don’t just want to skate, you could also decide to combine your trip with a visit to the subtropical pool in the same complex. AquaFun Sportiom has a themed wave pool, slides, wild water rapids and much more. 

5. De Scheg - Deventer

Want to experience some ice fun? Visit De Scheg to combine track skating and recreational skating, with ice playgrounds your kids are sure to love. If you are looking for a more serious skate, take to the 400-metre track, but don’t worry if you want a break from speeding across the ice, there is also an ice square in the middle of the track along with a grill hut serving Scandinavian barbecue.

The ice square also offers you the chance to get off your feet and onto a sleigh. Are your children aged 4-12 looking for adventure? The ice playground will have them having the time of their lives on the climbing frame, slides, flying merry-go-round and zip-line.

Entry for adults (above 13 years old) is 8,05 euros and hiring skates will cost you upwards from 6 euros per day, depending on the type you want. Fancy a dip in the pool too? Entry will cost you either 8,90 or 9,50 depending on the day you go. Pay another 4,50 euros for entry to the Island Bath House, where you’ll find different types of saunas, hot tubs and even a cavern.

Honourable ice rink mentions

As ice-skating is so popular in the Netherlands, it’s hard to pick just five rinks; so many are exceptional. Another five rinks that we just love are:

Have you ever been to any of the ice rinks mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

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